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Become an instant expert on…the nation’s cathedral treasures

With eyes soon on Westminster Abbey for the May coronation of King Charles III, we’re reminded once more of the remarkable architecture and history of our key ecclesiastical sites. But what about the treasures they hold? Our expert, Janet Gough, reveals the stories behind five very special artefacts held in cathedrals across England and Wales.

Become an instant expert on reading the past through the medium of jewellery

Portable, practical, timeless and durable: the importance of the role of jewellery in tracking the progress of civilisation cannot be overestimated, says our expert John Benjamin. Mirroring changes in social and economic custom and behaviour, its sheer indestructibility has meant that, whether a simple gold ring or opulent tiara, jewellery has long acted as a lightning conductor to the past


His life was short but prolific – and such were his artistic skills that Picasso once said, ‘Leonardo da Vinci promises us heaven, Raphael gives it to us.’ Now, as the National Gallery has opened its long-awaited show of his works, Siân Walters reveals the things we should know about Raphael’s life and art


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