Greater London Area

The Arts Society promotes the appreciation of the arts, and provides opportunities to study a wide range of subjects through lectures and study days and tours, as well as volunteering to preserve our heritage.

The 25 Societies shown on the map below, and the list alongside, make up the Greater London Area.

You are warmly invited to contact a society with a view to attending a lecture or becoming a member... just click on a name on the adjacent list to find their website. The map below will help you find a society near you. An easy way to find out when Societies meet is also shown.

Societies each have their own programme of lectures, study days, visits, and volunteering opportunities...and other social events. Do join, and discover a stimulating and enjoyable way to expand your knowledge of the arts, make new friendships, and have fun! 

If you are unable to join a Society, we have a national scheme of ‘Supporters’; it means that you receive a magazine 3 times a year, and you can find out about those events which are open to non members, and about Societies in all parts of the country, some of which offer digital lectures. To find out more visit 

The Area Support Team exists to support the local Societies, to hold Area Meetings, educational events and co-ordinate the Arts Volunteering, Heritage Volunteers and Trails of Discovery activities.

Other parts of this website have other details on the London Area, such as news, events, and our donations and grant giving. Find out more about our grant giving here

The Study Days, or Events (see below) have been arranged by the Study Course Organisers (SCOs) on behalf of the Greater London Area. Study Days are a great way to enjoy learning more about a subject in the company of like-minded people. 

Enjoy browsing our website, and we hope you will also enjoy what the Arts Society of the Greater London Area has to offer.


Linnean Society, Burlington House,

This day has been moved to Friday 8th December ...........this is due to rail strikes.

This day of lectures explores Russian music before and after the 1917 Revolution, with a particular focus on the lives of three of the 20th century’s greatest composers. 

The Concert Artistes Association,
20 Bedford Street,

This study day in three lectures focuses on three great Spanish artists, El Greco, Velazquez and Murillo, considering the artists alongside the cities in which they worked.

Concert Artistes Association,
20 Bedford Street,