Greater London Area

We are one of the areas of the UK Arts Society and comprise 25 Societies in the Greater London Area and Jersey. Our aims are to promote the appreciation and study of every aspect of the arts and to preserve our artistic heritage for the benefit of all.

The Societies listed on the right and shown on the map below, each have their own programme of lectures, study days, visits, and volunteering opportunities. If you would like to contact a society with a view to becoming a member, just click on a name on the list here to find their website.

If you are unable to join a Society, we have ‘Supporters’; it means that you receive a magazine 3 times a year, and you can find out about those events which are open to non members, and about Societies in all parts of the country. To find out more visit 

An Area Support Team exists to support the local Societies and also offers Area Meetings, educational events and co-ordination of the Arts Volunteering, Heritage Volunteers and Trails of Discovery activities.

Other parts of the website have information on the activities of the London Area, which we are resuming as it becomes safe to do so - activities such as heritage volunteering, childrens' trails and arts volunteering, our donations and grant giving policy; and news on recent events.

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The Study Days, or Events (see below) have been arranged by the Study Course Organisers (SCO) on behalf of the Greater London Area. Study Days are a great way to enjoy learning more about a subject in the company of like-minded people. We have included Zoom lectures .....settle down with a cup of coffee, or a glass of something... watch and enjoy!

Enjoy browsing our website, and we hope you will enjoy what the Arts Society of the Greater London Area has to offer.


The Concert Artistes Association,
20 Bedford Street,
Society of Antiquaries,
Burlington House, Piccadilly,

Dr Margaret Knight is the lecturer for this series of three study days, Friday 21 April, Friday 5 May and Friday 16 June 2023; each taking a single, famous image as their starting point and each exploring what that image tells us about the artist, the times in which the images were made and the significance of their subject matters.

Linnean Society,
Burlington House, Piccadilly,

Much of todays news is about Ukraine; join this study course to hear about the history and culture of this war torn country.