The Arts Society Oundle launches its Children’s Trail at ST Leonard's Church, Apethorpe, Northants

After an extended gestation, exacerbated by the pandemic, we were finally able to complete the trail in November 2022. I say ‘we’, but it was Gill Murphy, the East Midlands Area Trails Rep who finally collated the trail questions and answers for us. Thanks Gill! Our particular thanks, also, to past member Sandra McAdam who did the bulk of the work on the trail content, and to Chris Cooke who stepped in to fill in the last picture and detail requirements.

The Arts Society Kington Langley support 'Masquerade'

TAS Kington Langley has built up a good working relationship with Rag & Bone, an arts school and youth theatre in Chippenham in the last couple of years. TASKL is now part of the ’arts scene’ in Chippenham where we have funded various museum projects, Outreach Banners, working with GWR and TransWilts on Art @ The Station, local artists and trails and with TAS Wessex Area we are currently working with Art Bytes and the Town Council to put on an art exhibition.



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