Welcome to The Arts Society Chester

Welcome to the Arts Society Chester!  We host monthly lectures on a wide range of topics relating to the Arts, normally meeting on the third Tuesday of the month from September to June. 

Programme September 2021 – June 2022

The Committee is looking forward to presenting the new lecture season, with a wide range of interesting topics, which will be delivered by lecturers who have been carefully selected to make travel and accommodation as easy as possible, whilst Covid-19 safety is still a consideration. During September to December 2021, all lectures will be delivered at 11am on Zoom. The October lecture was delivered as a trial live event and we would like to thank all our Members who attended both in person and on Zoom.  

As before, links will be sent to everyone on email to enable attendance at the Zoom lectures.  

From January to June 2022 we will be returning to live lectures at a venue - location to be confirmed.  We have a small sub-Committee who are investigating venues and studying the feedback from the October lecture.  Members will choose to have either morning or afternoon Membership and will attend the session selected.  

We will continue to abide by any National or Local restrictions due to Covid-19 and will revert to Zoom lectures, should this prove necessary.  Any updates and/or changes to the Programme will be shown on this website and communicated via MailChimp emails, so we recommend that you supply an email address to the Membership Secretary and add the taschestermembership[at]gmail.com address to your contacts.  Please use this email address to contact Jenny Rogers, if you have any queries about attending lectures.

16 November - 11am - Zoom only

Sorolla, the Master of Light.    Arantxa Sardina

TAS Chester AGM 2021 will follow this lecture at 12 noon on Zoom.

14 December - 11am - Zoom only

The Journey of the Magi: Origins, Myth and Reality - The True Story of the Three Kings.  Leslie Primo

18 January - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

The Jazz Age in Britain.    Prof. Catherine Tackley

15 February - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

Two Glasgow Girls:  Bessie MacNicol and Norah Neilson Gray.   Julia Marwood

15 March - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

Love is Enough:  At Home with Jane and William Morris.   Suzanne Fagence Cooper

19 April - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

William Wordsworth:  His Legacy in Art and Poetry.   Michael Howard

17 May - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

Painting in the Jungle of Paris.  An Exploration of the Life and Work of Henri Rousseau. Anna Bianco

21 June - 11am & 2pm - Venue TBC

The Duke of Devonshire's Elysium Fields:  The Designed Landscape of Chatsworth 1549 to the present.  Simon Seligman

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