Young Arts: Arts Week at St Cecelia's School, Liverpool

Young Arts: Arts Week at St Cecelia's School, Liverpool

1 Aug 2018

The Arts Society Liverpool donated £560 to St. Cecilias Junior School in Tuebrook, Liverpool towards a week of art for all the pupils. Coming after SATS the pupils were able to emerge themselves in their year projects, which were curriculum related.
The event was a huge success and members of The Arts Society Liverpool (TASL) attended their celebration assembly where the pupils presented their creative pieces. The head teacher, Phillipa Agate, was invited to the following TASL lecture together with Lucy Harris, the arts co-ordination for the school. Phillipa spoke, at the meeting, of the importance of art in their school as the great levelling factor and therapeutic aid in a school with such a mixed intake of pupils and the importance of emerging themselves in art only for that week. Lucy Harris showed some of the results of the week's participation. The following photographs show a few of the outstanding results from the project.

Year 3 (7-8 year olds) concentrated on Aboriginal Art and on one of the pupils, a refugee from Syria, traced his journey to Liverpool using Aboriginal techniques, saying 'I'm Happy to be here'.

Year 5's City Scape was a communal year project of the skyline of Liverpool.

Year 6 used the works of Lichtenstein and Warhol to produce pop art on T-shirts and all used the word onomatopoeia in their presentations.

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