The silver mace - Llantrisant Guildhall

The silver mace - Llantrisant Guildhall

12 Jan 2020 - 14:21 BY

The silver mace presented to the ancient borough of Llantrisant in 1633 by the 4th Earl of Pembroke, a favourite of Charles I, pre-dates the House of Commons’ mace. After the king’s execution in 1649, the Parliamentarians destroyed such symbols of royal authority, making the Llantrisant mace a very rare survivor. It carries a Charles I silver crown and the arms of the Earls of Pembroke. It has decorations of fleurs-de-lis and cross pattées. It is also crudely marked “WE”, which may be a reference to William ap Evans, an official of Llantrisant in the 1660s, or a pawnbroker’s mark.

The mace is now in the custody of the Llantrisant Town Trust. Given its value, a replica produced through digital scanning and 3D printing is on display in Llantrisant Guildhall, a medieval courthouse above a cornmarket, restored and opened to the public in August 2019 as a Heritage Centre.

Further information

The Guildhall, Castle Green, Llantrisant, CF72 8EE

Open Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm


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