Sheffield Park Gardens - Farewell to an old friend

Sheffield Park Gardens - Farewell to an old friend

24 Sep 2019 - 12:12 BY

Many of you will be familiar with the beautiful gardens and parklands of the National Trust property at Sheffield Park.  The garden design has been influenced by both 'Cabability' Brown and Humphrey Repton.

The Autumn Colours season is now upon us and the gardens will soon become a glorious work of art, created by nature.  Do visit if you can.

Things change, even in our little bits of paradise and in mid-September, the 120 year old Monterey Pine, which overlooks one of the four lakes, had to be felled.  It was suffering from cauliflower fungus.  No longer safe nor saveable, the decision was taken to fell it.

This was not a simple task and took several days, with some amazing (and nerve-wracking) climbing work done by the tree surgeons.

Those of us who are regular visitors were sad to see this magnificent tree go, but replacements have already been planted and we will be able to watch then grow and thrive in the coming years.

Photo credits to member Peggy Hooton and NT volunteer Stephen Clark.


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