Our Support for Exhibition of Photos at Chailey School

Our Support for Exhibition of Photos at Chailey School

1 Jan 2022

As many of you will know, Chailey School has recently undergone a major and highly successful rebuild. In November 2019, Brighton artist Nick Sayers was invited to visit the school to supervise a project by Year 11 photography students designed to capture for posterity the major changes that were about to occur. Under his guidance, the students produced simple pin-hole cameras made from recycled aluminium cans and photographic paper which were then positioned around the site with their shutters left permanently open. Almost a year later, in October 2020, after the construction work had ended, the cameras were taken down and their photographs were developed by a process known as 'solargraphy'. The results were stunning. They provide a vivid record of the changing face of the school during a period which had just happened to coincide with the height of the first Covid lockdown. Moreover, this year-long project proved to be an excellent opportunity for these students to work with a professional artist and see the results of their work permanently displayed in the school. Their ghostly images not only capture the passing of the seasons but also provide a unique record of the new building emerging and its predecessor slowly disappearing as it was gradually dismantled. Head Teacher Mrs Helen Key said, "The finished photographs are a fabulous addition to our environment and will serve as a permanent reminder of our legacy. Chailey School is extremely grateful to Uckfield Arts Society for funding this valuable photographic exhibition."


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