October 2020 Newsletter

October 2020 Newsletter

9 Oct 2020 - 09:42 BY The Committee

The Arts Society Henfield e-Newsletter

Issue 14 October 2020

It wasn’t exactly back to normal but the September Zoom meeting was really much better than we might have hoped. After a slightly difficult beginning, when the lecturer was unable to chair his own meeting, we all restarted and were up and going in minutes. The lecture and the small screen presentations went very well together. We estimate that, with 2 people at some sites, more than 50 people attended. Here is some of the feedback Jan received:

Thank you so much for organising such an enjoyable lecture. We will now look at films in a new light! 
I am sure you had to overcome numerous ‘technology’ questions But here is another one! I use Zoom on my iPhone and screen mirror onto the television this seems to mute automatically but does not show as muted on the hosts screen. Can you give me any tips before the next lecture? 
Please pass on our thanks to all the Committee who do such a good job. 
On a personal note, it was lovely to see even a ‘virtual’ Jan!


That was a splendid experience and, despite teething troubles, well worth doing and experiencing.  What an interesting lecture and subject. 

 I was amused to hear his final word was ‘orgasm’!


That was very well done.   I am really impressed that everyone seemed to get on okay and there was only that one major glitch, which was quickly resolved.   A really interesting lecture on a fascinating subject.

Congratulations, you must be very pleased indeed

Jan, thanks so much for organising the lecture this afternoon. It was nice to be able to watch in the comfort of home- with my feet up! Goodness I sound like an old woman - no comment please! It really took me back seeing all those old films. Well done!

Thank you to the organisers it was very interesting!


Oh, thanks for that Jan, it certainly makes a lot of sense and explains clearly what must have happened.  One of those unfortunate things, as you said previously, that might happen as it was our first Henfield Arts Society Zoom!

Looking forward to receiving the next link, we won’t give up and it was nice to everyone’s faces again!


Just to say that I thought Neil Faulkner’s lecture was brilliant – one of the best which I have heard under the Society’s auspices. I Googled him and was surprised at his extreme ‘leftie’ political stance; his interest in film was not mentioned.

 The inevitable technological teething amongst our generation did not detract: so please keep going.

 All the best.


Well done Jan, thoroughly   enjoyable afternoon -


Well I thought that was pretty good, once the glitches were sorted out. The more we do it, the better we will get at it. 


Well, I think that congratulations are in order – for a first offer I think that it went pretty well with nothing spectacularly wrong.  It was his problems at the beginning.  I think the numbers were very good – they fluctuated between 40 and 42 right up to the last 10 minutes or so when people started leaving.  I did think that he went on a bit in places and he was doing quite a lot of reading from the screen but all in all I think that you did brilliantly – Congratulations!

 All the best and on to the next one!


So it is on with the next one:

On Monday 12 October we will have a Zoom AGM followed by a lecture. For the last lecture we were using Neil Faulkner’s system and we had a limit on the number of attendees. We have now taken a subscription with the Arts Society and we will not be subject to such limits. We will therefore be sending a link to everyone with an email account. We have been practicing so hopefully there will be few hitches. All you need to do is click on the link. You won’t even need a Zoom account. If anyone would like some help, please send Jan an e-mail janet.i.oswald@gmail.com with your phone number and she will organise a trial run over the weekend


You should all have received the AGM papers. We are assuming you accept the proposals. If you want to raise any issues or have any other business, please let me have a message by Friday 9 October so Jan can structure the meeting.


The meeting itself is different to the one advertised.


The Women who saved the birds: fashion, fury and feminism



We will learn about Etta Lemon and her campaign against the use of feathers in millinery which led to the foundation of the R.S.P.B. This campaign is compared and contrasted to Emmeline Pankhurst's campaign for women's suffrage in Britain, which it pre-dated. Ironically Etta Lemon was an anti-suffragist and anti-feminist.

Sounds really interesting. We really appreciate your feedback



Meetings for the rest of the year:

Monday 9 November at 2.30pm by Zoom


Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe, with much expertise in the creation, appreciation and restoration of paintings, will illustrate the historical painting techniques of the Old Masters – which after simply cleaning, such as those of Caravaggio reveal “incredible depth in the figures that loom out of the darkness”.

Monday 14 December 2.30pm by Zoom

The Magic of Pantomime

Ian Gledhill, who was a professional stage designer, will remind us of the magic of the peculiarly British institution – the pantomime – Oh, yes he will!  He takes us back to the origins of panto, examining many of the traditions (and superstitions), interspersed with personal anecdotes from years of working on and appearing in pantos. 


The Christmas lunch has of course been cancelled

Programme 2021

We have a full programme of lectures for 2021. It is expected that the January and probably February lectures will be by Zoom. We are hopeful that later in the year we will be back in the Hall.  We are also planning 2 DOSI days and a Lady Oliver lecture. We do not feel these study days lend themselves to Zoom so we will keep you informed. Trips are more difficult to plan but we will do anything we can. You can always find the most recent information on the Arts Society Henfield website https://theartssociety.org/henfield


Membership The Arts Society Henfield

Subscription renewals

Annual Subscriptions for 2021 are being held at £34 per person. Payment is now due and should be paid no later than 1 December 2020.

Payment may either be

on line to

Account No:                       107746285

Sort Code:                           53-50-39

Reference:                         Please put your name and membership number (this can be found on the reverse side of your lime green membership card)



                                by cheque made payable to “The Arts Society Henfield” and posted to The Membership Secretary


                                                Julia Simpson

Backsettown Farmstead

Furners Lane




Those paying by previously set up Standing Order should ensure that the payment is £34 per person.

In December we will issue the new programmes and membership cards to all who have


Your support is vital to the continued success (or even existence) of our society. Our subscriptions are among the lowest in the area. We had intended to increase the rates this year but have decided to keep it at £34.  We have postponed most of the lectures so we have avoided cancellation fees but we have made a small contribution to the Hall as they have had no income and we have paid for a year’s Zoom subscription. We have to pay £12 capitation fee to headquarters as well as other charges. During this difficult year the headquarters contribution of online lectures has been very valuable. The office there has offered great support to local groups. The Arts Society is a highly valued institution and at a time when the Arts generally are suffering so badly we most do all we can to support it.


The Arts Society Sussex Area

There are 24 local Societies within The Arts Society Sussex Area, comprising 5,000 members. The Area Team is managed by volunteers in specific roles and headed by an Area Chairman. Area teams support local societies by giving advice when required, promoting and helping to publicise volunteer activities within the Area as well as conveying updates on the National policy. The Sussex Area society holds meetings with chairmen and fora where various officers can exchange experiences and information to improve their local programmes

Sussex Area STUDY DAYS 2021

In the hope that covid-19 restrictions will allow, three Study Days have been arranged for March to May 2021. However, no ticket sales will be made until we know what social distancing rules will be in place for next Spring and that these would allow us to proceed safely. So fingers crossed!

The planned programme is:

  • Monday 1st March - Adam Busiakiewicz - Music And Art 1450-1800 What Does The Painting Sound Like.
  • Monday 29th March - Linda Smith - The Sublime to The Ridiculous: Hogarth, Reynolds and Gillray.
  • Tuesday 4th May - Geri Parlby - Magic Lanterns To MGM, The Birth Of The Silver Screen And The Art That Surrounded It.

It is possible these study days will be held at The Henfield Hall rather than Turners Hill so we will keep you informed

From Headquarters


2 OCT 2020 - 09:40 BY HOLLY BLACK

From online celebrations to architecture for dogs, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Experience Architecture for Dogs at Japan House

Wanmock by Torafu Architects for Jack Russell Terrier. Photo: Hiroshi Yoda

Discover some of the most innovative ways to house your pooch in Japan House’s latest exhibition. It features cutting-edge designs from creatives who are just as concerned about creating the ideal aesthetics for four-legged friends as they are humans. Highlights include Kuma Kengo’s Mount Pug, a versatile paper shelter devised by Misawa Haruka while at the Hara Design Institute, and a hammock made from owners’ clothing, devised by Tofaru Architects. Visitors are even allowed to bring small dogs to the show, as long as they are well behaved and socially distanced. 

Architecture for Dogs, until 10 January 2021


Celebrate a return to the stage

To mark The Royal Ballet company’s return to the stage, a special online celebration curated by Royal Ballet director Kevin O’Hare will be live-streamed and available to share for ticket holders. Accompanied by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, the entire company will present a spectacular collection of highlights, witnessed by a small in situ audience, including students and healthcare workers. 

The Royal Ballet: Back on Stage, 9 October, 7.30pm BST



Live From Covent Garden Rehearsals

Huma Bhabha’s groundbreaking sculpture 

Encounter Baltic in Gateshead has reopened with a major survey of US artist Huma Bhabha, featuring colossal sculptures (made from materials as unorthodox as Styrofoam, chicken wire and animal bones) alongside experimental prints and drawings. The show demonstrates her astute references to Egyptian iconography, Cubism and German Expressionism, which are blended with nods to apocalyptic science fiction and even horror films. 

Huma Bhabha, Against Time, until 21 February 2021


Huma Bhabha, Untitled, 2009 & Receiver, 2018, Courtesy the artist and Salon 94, New York. Huma Bhabha Against Time, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art 2020. Photo: Rob Harris © 2020 BALTIC

Discover the enduring power of the kimono with a virtual tour

If you are unable to visit the V&A’s flagship exhibition Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, you can enjoy a special curator’s tour via YouTube. In these five episodes, Asian Department keeper Anna Jackson shines a light on the clothing’s origins in the Edo period, charting its versatility and influence across the Western world and contemporary fashion. 

Watch on YouTube

Installation shot of Kimono Kyoto to Catwalk


Follow in Artemisia Gentileschi’s footsteps

This much-anticipated National Gallery exhibition is the first major UK survey to examine the legacy of the 17th-century Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Despite her position as a woman, and being the subject of a scandalous trial, she transcended the expectations of her gender to become one of the most successful and lauded artists of the era. Now, visitors can experience her subversive treatment of biblical subjects, in which traditionally passive women reclaim their agency and power. 

Artemisia, until 24 January 2021



Judith and her Maidservant, about 1623-5. © The Detroit Institute of Arts




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