Newsletter January 2021

Newsletter January 2021

4 Feb 2021 - 14:42 BY Gill Theaker

Dear Member(s),

I’ll start with the same words I used in the November newsletter: ‘And so it continues! Normal service will not be resumed any time soon.’ Not what we’d hoped for. I’d like to share with you though a picture taken in our garden yesterday morning after a heavy overnight frost. A stubborn rosebush is still producing blooms, despite all setbacks, so let’s keep that image in our minds at the beginning of the new year. We WILL get through this and have that summer tea.

At least this time round our Zoom lectures are already up and running and all of our lecturers are now secure for the rest of the season, so sit back each month and enjoy with a cup of tea and perhaps a piece of cake.

As you will know from my ‘Xmas newsletter, January’s lecture has been replaced with a free study day, or rather morning. This seemed to be the obvious solution to the forced cancellation of our advertised lecturer and Sally Dormer will, I’m sure, provide us with some morale boosting pictures of sunny Italy in her talk on The Treasures of Romanesque Europe on January 28th.There will be two lectures of one and a half hours each with a half hour break in between, from 10.00am until 1.00pm, and I’ll attempt to give everyone the opportunity to ‘socialise’ at appropriate times. Sonia Bryant and I will be having a rehearsal with Sally on the 25th and the invite link will be sent out on the 27th.

In February Paula Nuttall will be talking to us on Raphael, Painter of Perfection, and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have booked her at such short notice. Something else to look forward to. All other lectures remain as advertised and there is, of course, still a wealth of material available monthly on the national website.

Membership: Present figures show that we now have 87 members, having lost 11 but gained 2, and I would like to welcome back Sue Burns, in addition to newcomer Val Harvey. In view of the continuing lockdown we are at present offering membership to all for just £20, which makes it a much more attractive prospect for anyone wishing to try it out, so do pass this on to any of your friends this might appeal to.

Coffee mornings: Alright, I admit it, I still haven’t got round to these! My new year resolution though really is to start this week, straight after sending out this newsletter. Why do I seem so busy when the most exciting, or rather only, thing on the calendar is a Waitrose delivery?

In the meantime, just bear in mind that we have already passed the shortest day, spring bulbs are beginning to push through and getting older means most of us will be in line for a reasonably early jab!

Thanks to you all for your support. Stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

Gillian Theaker, Chairman


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