Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter April 2021

12 Apr 2021 - 13:47 BY Gill Theaker

   Newsletter, Spring 2021



Thanks to Eunice Doswell for her backbreaking lockdown moment, looking for a lost ring in the garden.

‘It was one of the things I could do with my bubble daughter, Juliet.  My so hopeful hunt for treasure – the result was all this trash, including a bucketful of asbestos, china and glass!’



Dear Members,

Looking back at my first Covid newsletter this time last year, I see that I was hoping we’d all be

back in business by the end of September 2020 - that went well, didn’t it? Here I am a year later, hoping we’ll be back THIS September. However, at least we’re now able to make plans for the future and I’d like to welcome another 3 new members – Ray Dafter and Jim and Linda Abbott.

Programme: Thanks to Sonia’s hard work, lectures and Study Day are booked (with fingers crossed) and will include such topics as The Elgin Marbles, Puccini, Cities of Vesuvius, Grinling Gibbons and Bruegel.

Coming up: This month’s lecture by Jo Walton on Thursday, April 22nd: ‘Don’t Make Fun of the Festival - Art, Design and Entertainment at The Festival of Britain’. To be followed on May 27th by The Antique Roadshow’s Mark Hill on ‘Undressing ‘Antiques’.

Let’s party!: In addition to the planned tea at Hadlow Manor on August 5th, there’s another reason to celebrate (should we need one!).This October marks the 40th anniversary of our society’s founding and I’ve already arranged a Zoom meeting with previous chairmen to pool ideas. There is an absolute treasure trove of material in the archives and I look forward to sharing it with you. Sexism was certainly alive and well!

The committee: A more serious topic this time. In normal circumstances, I would be handing over the Chairmanship in September and breathing a sigh of relief! However, circumstances are not normal and I’ve come to realise that recruiting a new Chair at present is unrealistic and probably impossible. I’m therefore willing to continue for another year. However, even before the pandemic I found myself also in charge of teas, publicity, raffle and advertising, and that clearly can’t continue. These are all relatively small jobs but add considerably to my workload and I’m sure there are many who could help me out with these. In addition, Janet Spink has been handling our website for almost 10 years and has earned her ‘retirement’! Now that most of the work is done centrally by AS House, the only requirements are really to update lecture information and add the newsletter. I’m sure someone out there could do that for us. Finally, there is the role of Treasurer. Dariel has also been filling this role for some time, despite her many other council commitments, and I would urge anyone who feels able to take this on to contact Dariel or me to find out what this entails. You could even work together with her over the coming year to learn the ropes. In short, ‘Your Society Needs You!’

In the meantime, the sun is shining, hairdressers and shops are about to open and the future is looking so much brighter. Let’s hope we really will be back in business this September.

Gill Theaker, Chairman


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