Let's Have a Zoom Party !!!

Let's Have a Zoom Party !!!

8 Jan 2021 - 12:17 BY

We thought it would be rather fun - now we have discovered the joys of Zoom - to take advantage of it a little further. We would like to hold three parties!  A Coffee Break, a Tea Party and a Cocktail Party. We will invite six people to each and each event will concentrate on just one aspect of the Arts. 

For instance, perhaps we will ask guests to bring to the table, so to speak, their favourite painting.  They will need to talk about it for five-ten minutes or so.  Then at the end we have an open forum and everyone can discuss what they think of the various items selected.  Another idea would be to talk about your favourite play, or perhaps we could discuss music, opera. ballet? The list is endless. Alternatively, we could revive the art of conversation with each person talking on a chosen topic. Or, and this is our favourite, one called 'toasting and tasting' where you give a short presentation on an artist/writer/character who has made their mark with you and then, at the end, toast them, hopefully, by raising a nice glass of wine!  At the end everyone gets toasted.   

What would be really splendid is if those who attend any of these parties then continue amongst their friends and hold their own events.

E-mail Annette Shelford via uckfieldlewesnewick@theartssociety.org to get the details; first come first served, 


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