Easter Workshops

Easter Workshops

27 Apr 2022

Easter Workshops held at the St Georges Art Centre, Gravesend

The Inspiring Art through Nature Workshop 5th April 2022

This was in fact 2 sessions each lasting an hour. 8 children attended each session so 16 children participated in all. The sessions were focused on using Nature for Art. The children participating were primary ages and most were supported by a parent who seemed to have as much fun as the children. The children made a floral display using playdough as a base and a crown. There were 2 sixth formers from St Johns sixth form helping Sonnia as well as Rosie, another artist who runs workshops at the centre and an Art Society Gravesend member whose contribution included background support preparing the flowers to be used, sorting out cardboard bases, clearing up, taking photos and so on as there were plenty of adults helping the children. There were many very positive comments like this one. ‘ Thank you for the opportunity for my daughter Ellie to join your natural workshop . It was fantastic and she had a lot of fun . I hope for there to be more workshops opened like this in the future.

Painting on Canvas 6th April 2022

This workshop focused on Painting on Canvas, again primary age with some only 4 and 5 year olds.   16 children participated in the 90 minute session. It was a challenging session putting across perspective as well as painting on canvas. There were some very impressive results.  Sonnia was again supported by the 2 sixth formers and Rosie as the day before, Hazel C, another artist and an Art Society member who as an artist was able to contribute a lot to the session. Several parents were on hand to support their children as well and again thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Again, many complimentary comments from parents like this one. "Just wanted to say how much Henry enjoyed the art class today. He is very proud of his masterpiece!  Hope to return soon!"




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