Community Grant Success!

Community Grant Success!

2 Nov 2022

The Arts Society Mid Sussex was delighted to be successful in securing a Community Grant of £250 from The Arts Society to support a project at CHEC, an organisation based at Chailey.  The grant was used to purchase more materials for their innovative project.

The quote below is from Matt Barber, CHEC Director and sums up the benefits of the project:

“Providing the team with productive work is enormously beneficial to everyone’s sense of self-worth but in addition to this we felt that we needed to create an environment for some personal development and emotional support post COVID. In September our colleagues started to explore their creative sides with an afternoon art session. The main goal of this exciting new initiative is to improve wellbeing and the sessions have had an immediate and positive impact, increasing self-esteem, self-awareness and motor function. They’ve also offered a great opportunity to enhance social skills through discussion around the feelings of isolation that so many of them have experienced, not only during COVID, but throughout their lives. Funding will enable us to continue these sessions will help them to build resilience to better cope with the physical, emotional and cognitive challenges that they face every day. CHEC’s creative sessions improve wellbeing as well as producing some fantastic pieces to cheer the whole team”


More information about CHEC is on their website and Facebook.

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