A Change in Perspective

A Change in Perspective

31 May 2021

A Change of Perspective recycling project

The project set out to raise awareness of plastic waste and  the threat of it to the climate and our environment, in particular the impact in oceans and rivers. The aim was to create colourfullight sculptures / artworks out of waste plastic. It is  part of the bigger Art Council Supported Estuary Festival and the Gravesham Festival. To be held late May / early June. Unfortunately,due to the pandemic, most activities will be on-line virtual events rather than thecolourful festival organisers hoped for.

The group organising the project invited people to wash the plastic they would normally throw away and keep it for the project, and then help transformed it into lovely colourful sculptures. Covid Restrictions severely hampered the plans and meant the project objectives needed to e adapted

There were two main activities 

1. A workshop for local children and supported by their families ( 5 children participated) held in the neighbourhood – outside.

2. Work St Georges Primary School in Gravesend (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). Due to covid restrictions the school staff ran the class activities to decorate the plastic bottles  and  developed the link about plastic waste and recycling, because the artists organising the project could not go into the school ‘bubbles’. Turning the decorated bottles into sculpture was completed by the artists outside of school.


The work was put on display in Gordon Park  -  part of the promenade and historic area of Gravesend on Saturday 22 May - just for the day due to concerns about insurance and vandalism. The light sculptures  - Sea creatures  (mainly representing jellyfish )  were hung on trees in the park.  The lights inside the sculptures twinkled as the sculptures moved in the wind. The workshop activity - highlighting the scale of the problem with plastic waste was on display nearby.

The project is still exploring other venues to mount the work in the Gravesend area.  Enquiring about getting permission to hang the light sculptures somewhere where they could be lit at night for greater effect.

The Arts Society Gravesend was recognised on all publicity materials for the support they gave to the project.

Numbers involved

5 children a supported by their parents for the local workshop

92 children and 6 staff at St Georges primary School

3 Artists running the workshop and the sculpture project.

The Arts Society Gravesend gave a grant of £100 for the purchase of materials

Led Lights and fairy lights for the sculptures

Spray paint

Cable ties

Acrylic paint pens

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