Chair's Letter March 2021

Chair's Letter March 2021

28 Mar 2021 - 16:40 BY Judith Furner

27th March 2021

Dear Friends,

Spring is just starting to spring in my part of the world (which is probably your part of the world as well), and I am feeling heartened that summer will come, and before too long we should be allowed out. 

I have once again to apologise for the demise of my computer about ten minutes before the March lecture started – honestly, it must know the absolutely critical moments to play up.  It is now in the hands of an excellent computer doctor, and I have every hope and expectation that I will be able to join you for the next, and now I come to think of it, penultimate lecture of the season.  How time flies, and how we are looking forward to getting together in the autumn, all being well.

I have recently received the Instant Expert e-mail about the Faberge Eggs, which I found absolutely fascinating.  I had always known that they were beautiful but had no idea how very intricate and detailed they are.  It seems a while since we received the Monthly Highlights, but again, I found them full of interest.  The Arts Society seem to be offering so much during these strange times, and I have enjoyed the Lectures at Home series.  What a privilege it was to hear Aliki Braine talking about the Old Masters, and how she has connected her own work to them.  A quarter of an hour is just the right amount to whet one's appetite for more. 

The great excitement for the committee at the moment is the Directory Days, of which you may have heard.  Committee members are usually invited to Central Hall Westminster for one day in the spring to see lecturers, both new and old, presenting a two-minute precis of their work, so that we have a good understanding of what is available, and, of course, can choose the very best for our own Societies.  Times being so different, we have been sent this information by video, which we can see in the comfort and privacy of our homes.  This is convenient, but it is a shame to miss the company and conviviality that is normally provided.  Nevertheless, your committee have been glued to their computers for a week, watching, noting and sifting, to ensure that you are provided with a great selection in the future. 

I look forward to our next lecture when Dr Caroline Levisse will be speaking on Berthe Morisot – her life and career.  I have every hope and expectation that my computer will behave itself, and I shall see not only the lecture, but have some interaction with you as well.

Best wishes

Judith Furner, Chair, TASE


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