Breaking News - 2021-22 Season Preview

Breaking News - 2021-22 Season Preview

27 Jan 2021

As mentioned on the Home Page, Peggy Hooton has worked very hard, in the current challenging times, to put together a tremendous programme of lectures for the 2021 to 2022 season.  More detail will be provided over the coming months, but we thought you would like a sneak preview.


8 September Tom Flynn - The History of Fine Arts Fairs

13 October Tim Kidd - Never Mind Quantitative Easing, Show us the Bling

                                         Art Works of the Bank of England

10 November Caroline Shenton -]The Day Parliament Burned Down

8 December John Ericson - Art Inspired by Wine


12 January Anne Anderson - Three Baltic Capitals; Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn

9 February Julian Richards - The Car in Art ;The Car as Art

9 March Briony Hudson - ‘In Paynted Pots is Hidden the Deadliest Poyson’;

                                              English Delftware Drug Jars

13 April Anna Moszynska - The Body As A Place ; Anthony Gormley

11 May Graham Jones - The Art of State Ceremonial Music

8 June Paul Rabbitts - Great British Public Parks and the Royal Parks  of London



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