1st 2022 Newsletter

1st 2022 Newsletter

10 Jan 2022

The Arts Society Henfield Newsletter

No:22 January 2022

Happy new year to all. We finished 2021 with a Christmas lunch that  was very much enjoyed by the 44 members who attended. I hope the situation is much more stable next Christmas so more members  will feel able to come out and join us. 

It would be nice to start the New year with enthusiasm and certainty but it is difficult to do this at the moment. The TAS-H committee met on Tuesday 4th January and some of the outcomes of the meeting  are discussed below. The drop in membership and general uncertainty could affect the future of the society and we will be asking all of you to encourage your friends to join us to swell our numbers. We have an exciting programme which you will all have received with your  membership card recently. If you know someone who might be interested in joining let me or Julia know and we will share the program with them.

Future Lectures:

GARIBALDI AND THE BRITISH - From biscuits to blouses

January 10, 2022 - 14:15

Henfield Hall, Henfield

Coopers Way Henfield BN5 9EQ

He became a hero in England because of his unification ideas, and of course the well known biscuit. However, Garibaldi means different things to different people. To Italians, Garibaldi means Giuseppe Garibaldi, a national hero responsible for uniting Italy in the middle of the 19th century. Americans are more likely to know Garibaldi as small, bright-orange marine fish found off the coast of California. Anyone over the age of 100 may be more familiar with the Garibaldi as a loose blouse, worn by women and children, which was fashioned on the scarlet shirts worn by Giuseppe Garibaldi and his followers, the Garibaldini.

Lecturer; Mr Christopher Garibaldi


Monday, February 14, 2022 - 14:15

Henfield Hall, Henfield

Coopers Way Henfield BN5 9EQ

Perhaps the first of the surrealists

The Paintings of Hieronymus Bosch
Bosch’s world of devils, demons and deadly sins are truly unforgettable. At the same time, his extraordinary treatment of religious themes can be deeply moving. His works are among the most mysterious in the whole of European art, yet if we examine them in the context of contemporary politics and cultural sources we find that not only are they perfectly understandable, but they also provide an amazing insight into the society in which the artist lived.

Lecturer: Mrs Val Woodgate


Monday, March 14, 2022 - 14:15

Henfield Hall, Henfield

Coopers Way Henfield BN5 9EQ

Dutch painters were a major force in the 16th. and 17th. Centuries and whose influence spanned Europe from Pieter Breughel in the 16th century, Jan Vermeer in the 17th century and many more in France and England


Points raised at TAS-H Committee Meeting:

Meetings in the Hall

It is our intention to hold meetings in the Hall whenever possible. At the moment we will expect members to wear masks and will set one side of the hall so those who wish can be socially distant. We also need to ensure there is good ventilation so windows and doors will be open. Please wear warm clothes and bring a blanket if it is cold.

We are investigating if we can have hybrid lectures so those who don’t feel able to venture out can watch the lecture on Zoom.

It is difficult to plan more than a few days ahead but we will update you of any changes to a planned meeting

TAS-H Membership and Finances

The current membership is below 200. We decided not to increase the membership fees this year as we had missed a number of lectures, Therefore  our income will not cover the cost of the lectures and the capitation fees we need to pay to Headquarters in the remainder of this financial year. These costs have increased as well as the cost of hiring the Hall.

Our subscription fees are lower than most societies. Most groups in Sussex pay more than £50 a year compared with our current charge of £34.  For your subscription you get 10 lectures plus the increasing number of electronic offerings and a magazine from HQ. Our subscriptions will have to be increased next year as we cannot depend on our limited reserves to maintain the programme.

We expect events such as DOSI days, outings and  Christmas lunch to break even or make a small profit. We have not had any outings but the other events this last year have lost money. 

We are planning 3 DOSI days and a Christmas lunch in 2022 but we will have to budget on lower attendance so we hope you will understand if they are more expensive.

Trips are much more difficult. Firstly we do not have an outings secretary although  Richard our previous secretary did make some reservations before he left. The main cost for outings is the coach hire and budgeting is normally done on sales of about 40 tickets. The committee does not think we have much chance of filling a coach in March and therefore that trip will have to be cancelled. We desperately  want to take up the reservations made later in the year but do not have anybody willing to take up the task of organising the outings.The committee is going to investigate the possibility of doing trips differently but  we do need someone to step forward to organise these events

Money Raising

We are going to try and raise some money and are planning to have a book stall at the Monday Market in the Hall once a month on the day of our meeting.. We will keep the book stall up so members can also buy them when they arrive. 

We are therefore asking you to donate clean, interesting books for us to sell. Bring them to the next meeting or drop them off at  the meeting  Monday   10th   January or leave them in my porch at Bell House, Henfield Common South, BN5 9RS.  Go round the back of the building. Bell House is in the middle of the complex and the glass potch is unlocked


We want to enrich lives through the arts: even if we cannot leave our homes. During the the current situation many people will feel isolated and lonely. Visit our new site, The Arts Society Connected, to connect with people through a shared love for the arts.

What’s on elsewhere

Koga Harue, Umi (The Sea), 1929. The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. Photo: MOMAT/DNPartcom

Surrealism Beyond Borders

Looking at the original group of artists who termed themselves ‘Surrealists’, and far beyond, this groundbreaking exhibition examines art from Paris, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Tokyo and more, across a span of 80 years. It draws connections between seemingly disparate practices that are nevertheless underpinned by an exploration of the unconscious and the uncanny, from Lionel Wendt’s experimental photography to Ithell Colquhoun’s subversive paintings.

Tate Modern, 24 February–29 August







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