The Arts Society The Hague

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We are a non-profit cultural Society, run by volunteers, that aims to bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts.  Our events provide welcoming places to hear expert lecturers share their specialist knowledge about the arts.

Starting in October some of the lectures will be at the Warenar with a Zoom link for those at Home.  For other lectures the speaker will be in the UK and viewing will be via Zoom that can be viewed on-screen at the Warenar or at Home.

Members and Guests are most welcome to attend our Lectures and Special Events.

Membership Benefits:

As a member of The Arts Society The Hague, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free admission to our lectures.
  • Priority bookings on Special Events organized by The Arts Society The Hague
  • This Society is an affiliate Society of The Arts Society in the UK, and you will receive The Arts Society's Magazine 3 times a year and be able to attend tours, courses, and other events offered by them.


Membership Fee:

Annual Season [OCT-MAY] Membership:  Single EUR 65, Couple EUR 120

[Student Memberships are 1/2 price.]

Membership signup for the 2022-23 Season will commence on 01 September 2022.

To become a Member, please click on this sentence after 01 SEP 22 and complete the form.

Guest [Non-member] Fee:

Per Lecture:  EUR 13 [to be prepaid via bank transfer - sign up per Lecture]

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Kerkstraat 75
The Warenar Culture Centre

2242 HE


2nd Tuesday of the month - 20.00 [Pre-registration is REQUIRED.]