February 2021

Special Interest Day: An Age of Contrast and Conflict (on Zoom)

Welcome to The Arts Society Kennet & Swindon
Thursday, February 25, 2021 - 10:30

The Arts Society Kennet and Swindon (TASKS) and accredited lecturer Mr Christopher Rogers present a Day of Special Interest


The Arts Society Kennet and Swindon (TASKS) presents

A DAY OF SPECIAL INTEREST Thursday February 25 th by Zoom at 10:30am

AN AGE OF CONTRAST AND CONFLICT:  Architectural Changes in Great Britain in the 19 th century. A series of three illustrated lectures exploring the rapidly changing fashions in architecture throughout the 19 th century.

Lecture 1 (10-30-11-30) A clash of styles. What style of architecture should be adopted by a civilized western society? The ‘Greek revival’ reflected ancient democratic values or the Gothic, symbol of the Christian West.

Lecture 2 (12 00-13 00) In Search of Godliness. The religious revival of the 19 th century and the emerging wealth from industry and Empire were huge catalysts to new building in a rich variety of styles, or none.

Lecture 3 (14 00-15 00) Home Sweet Home.The last quarter of the 19 th century is associated with a renewed interest in Britain’s vernacular architecture and the influence of William Morris.

The lecturer: Christopher Rogers. Christopher is past chairman of TASKS and until he retired this year, a long standing Arts Society lecturer. He ran annual courses on architectural topics for the Marlborough College Summer School from its inception until 2018.

The cost of the series of lectures will be £15 per household.


(Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash)


Mr Christopher Rogers

Read Geography at Oxford and taught Geography. Formerly Head of Geography, Downe House School Newbury. Became interested in country house architecture whilst at Oxford and has lectured on the subject ever since. Regular 5 day summer school courses for Marlborough College Summer School. Lectures for the National Trust.