Winter Study Days & Courses

Winter Study Days & Courses

31 Oct 2018 - 12:11 BY The Arts Society

A round-up of the upcoming study days and courses organised by our area teams.

Untitled Rachel Whitered -  Getty Images


Charles Dickens: his life, times and London
12 FEB, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Andrew Davies
A novelist, magazine editor, performer, philanthropist and more – discover the life and
talents of Charles Dickens.

The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury. £36 (coffee)
E: Tricia Savours - T: 020 8866 6358

Artists and architects in depth: Memling: His place in 15th Century Flemish painting
22 FEB, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
One of Bruges’ great 15th-century artists, Hans Memling was known for his religious paintings and altarpieces. This Study Day explores his contribution to the art world, and gives an insight into his patrons and contemporaries.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee and biscuits)
E: Judith Leon – T: 020 8948 1978

Bodies in balance: Asian medicine in art
27 FEB, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Zara Fleming
From rare Chinese acupuncture charts to Japanese woodblock prints, discover how Asia’s
holistic medicine has been depicted in art.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee and biscuits)

Gertrude Bell: traveller, archaeologist, orientalist, imperialist
1 MAR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Neil Faulkner
A World War I intelligence expert and politician, Gertrude Bell helped to establish the borders of the modern Middle East. This Study Day uncovers the life of Bell, considered
to be the British Empire’s most influential woman.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee)

British and American artists in Venice
4 MAR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Julian Halsby
From JMW Turner to Diana Armfield, this Study Day charts the artists who have been
inspired by Venice.

The Art Workers’ Guild, (as before). £36 (coffee)
E: Susan Branfield - T: 07766 756637

The Bauhaus 1919 - 2019: One hundred years of modern design
14 MAR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Anne Anderson
Tate’s Anni Albers show (until 27 Jan) has put the Bauhaus art school (1919-1933) back in the spotlight. This Study Day traces the school’s development and how it transformed the art world.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee and biscuits)
E: Susan Branfield – T: 07766 756637

The world of Pieter Bruegel the Elder: a commemoration of the 450th anniversary of his death
26 MAR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
Famed for his peasant scenes and biblical paintings, Pieter Bruegel the Elder revolutionised Renaissance art. This Study Day marks the 450th anniversary of his death.

The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly. £36
E: Judith Leon - T: 020 8948 1978

Old Indo-China
3 APR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Denise Heywood
Discover the cultural history of French Indo-China, from the French-inspired city of Hanoi to the emergence of the ‘Indo-Chinese’ art style.

All Saints House, Marylebone Passage, 83 Margaret Street. £36
E: Jean Schooling -

Artists and architects in depth: Caspar David Friedrich and the German Romantic landscape
24 APR, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
Filled with bleak and barren landscapes, Caspar David Friedrich’s paintings established him as one of Romanticism’s greatest artists. From the poetry of Goethe to the music of Schubert, this Study Day provides a fascinating insight into the Romantic movement.

The Linnean Society (as before). £36
E: Judith Leon - T: 020 8948 1978

Hans Christian Andersen – Getty Images


Visions of Enchanted Lands: Chinoiserie in European Art and Design
4 APR, 10AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Anne Haworth
During the 18th century, chinoiserie – a European decorative style inspired by Asian art – rose in popularity. Encompassing garden design, decorative arts and architecture, this Study Day explores the origin of chinoiserie in Chinese myths and legends, along with
some British examples of the style.

St Cuthbert’s Conference Centre, Buckfast Abbey, Devon. £39
E: Sheila Hughes - T: 01395 516373


Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts
30 JAN Tutor: Rupert Willoughby;
27 FEB Tutor: John Stevens;
27 MAR Tutor: Guy de la Bédoyère
In this three-part course, discover how the Romans, Normans and communities from across the British Empire shaped the cultural history of Britain.

The Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. £105 (full course); £35 (individual sessions) (coffee, biscuits and lunch)
E: Hilary Reid Evans - T: 01865 432440


Hans Christian Andersen – Wit, Artist, Traveller
8 MAR, 10AM-1PM
Tutor: Karin Fernald
From ‘The Tinderbox’ to ‘The Teapot’, discover the influences behind Hans Christian Andersen’s much-loved – and lesser-known – works. Complete with paintings from 19th-century Danish artists and music by Scandinavian composers, this Study Day provides an
insight into the life of this prolific writer.

The Menuhin Hall, Stoke d’Abernon, Cobham Road, Cobham. £19
E: Jo Edna Corbyn - T: 07758 097003


From Shakespeare to Stoppard: 450 Years of Theatre History
28 JAN, 10AM-3PM
Tutor: Giles Ramsay
Starting with Shakespeare, this Study Day traces the development of British theatre, including Elizabethan drama, Restoration plays, the rise of actor-managers such as David Garrick, Victorian entertainment and the emergence of the National Theatre.

The Ark, Mount Lane, Turners Hill, West Sussex. £28 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Angela Magness - T: 01444 414537

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: Mexican Art and Culture
11 MAR, 10AM-3PM
Tutor: Chloë Sayer
From colourful frescoes to bold portraits, this Study Day explores the lives and works of two of the key figures from Mexico’s cultural renaissance.

The Ark (as before). £28 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Angela Magness - T: 01444 414537

Paintings Inspired by Music and Music Inspired by Paintings
25 MAR, 10AM-3PM
Tutor: Peter Medhurst
Discover the connections between art and classical music in this Study Day, featuring composers including Rachmaninoff, and artists such as Arnold Böcklin and Piet Mondrian.

The Ark (as before). £28 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Angela Magness - T: 01444 414537

Sistine Chapel - Shutterstock


Four Great 20th Century British Artists 
25 FEB, 10AM-3PM
Tutor: Linda Smith
From Augustus John and Paula Rego to Gwen John and Rachel Whiteread, this Study Day examines the work of four of Britain’s notable 20th-century artists.

The Walton Suite, Guildhall, Winchester. £38 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Marilyn Wright - T: 01256 322661

The Sistine Chapel Before and After Michelangelo
15 MAR, 10AM-3PM
Tutor: James Lindow
Some of the many treasures to be found in the Sistine Chapel include Botticelli’s Scenes from the Life of Moses and Raphael’s religious tapestries. This Study Day explores the history of these works, and the patrons who commissioned them.

The Walton Suite (as below). £38 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Marilyn Wright - T: 01256 322661

The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
1 APR, 10.00AM-3PM
Tutor: Nigel Bates
This Study Day looks at the history and architecture of the Royal Opera House, with insights into the building’s daily performance and rehearsal schedules.

The Walton Suite (as before). £38 (coffee, lunch and wine)
E: Marilyn Wright - T: 01256 322661


Raphael: A master in the making
8 APR, 10AM-2.30PM
Tutor: Sian Walters
Looking ahead to the 500th anniversary of Raphael’s death in 2020, this Study Day charts the development of the acclaimed Italian artist’s work.

Little Baddow Memorial Hall, Little Baddow, Chelmsford. £35 (coffee, lunch, soft drinks)
E: Megan Bashir - T: 01277 374 314


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