Where to visit first ? Fifty Treasures explored

Where to visit first ? Fifty Treasures explored

24 Jun 2021

Having purchased my Fifty Treasures book the first question was where to go first ? I knew I would be looking after my eleven year old grand-son for a day so somewhere outdoor seemed a good idea. Page 86 provided the answer, Berkhamsted Castle.

This proved a great place to visit. Free to enter, the ruins of the castle are surrounded by evidence of the moat and a circular path above the castle which takes the visitor all the way round, gaining a good overview of the site. Also a good way of burning off excess energy for my grand-son who led the way.

Once within the castle walls there were plenty of information points which helped build up a picture of what the castle would have looked like in its heyday. 

When we visited, the moat was filled with yellow irises in full bloom they made an impressive visual display.

A great day out.

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Cheryl Kellaway

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