Summer Study Days & Courses

Summer Study Days & Courses

2 Jul 2018 - 12:26 BY The Arts Society

Here's a round-up of the upcoming study days and courses organised by our area teams. 

Hand-blown ‘Dew Drops’ by Elin Isaksson. Photo: Shannon Tofts


Looking at the underrated: Women artists part 1 from the 10th to the 16th centuries
with Clare Ford-Wille​
Discover the work of overlooked women artists and sculptors during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 
Date: 6 Jul, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee)
To book: Judith Leon,; T: 020 8948 1978

The Hindu World through art and history
with Dr Anne Davison​
From the ancient Indus Valley civilisations to the ancient Indian epic The Mahabharata, explore Hinduism’s diverse mix of cultures and traditions.
Date: 11 ul, 10.30am-3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 020 8398 8844

Gold of the Gods
with Chloë Sayer​
In this golden anniversary lecture, delve into the ancient treasures of the Americas, and explore the European dream of El Dorado.
Date: 4 Sept, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 07766 756637

The Golden Sands of Egypt
with Jean Schooling​
Ancient monasteries, rock art and desert scenery are some of the wonders to experience in this golden overview of Egypt, which explores areas such as the Western Desert and Sinai.
Date: 11 Sept, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 020 8398 8844

Images of modern Paris - through Degas, Manet and the Impressionist
with Kathy McLauchlan​
During the 1860s and 70s, Paris was transforming into a city of parks, squares and boulevards. In this Study Day, discover how artists including Manet, Degas and the Impressionists sought to depict this innovative city.
Date: 14 Sept, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 020 8866 6358
14 SEPT, 10.30AM–3.30PM
Tutor: Kathy McLauchlan

Looking at you looking at me: the representation of women in western art
with Linda Smith​
From medieval Christian Europe and Italian Renaissance portraits to 19th-century fallen women and the rise of the women’s movement, discover how women have been depicted in art from antiquity to the 1970s.
Date: ​20 Sept, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E: Susan Branfield; T: 07766 756637

Michael Pacher and Matthias Grünewald: two great German artists of the Renaissance
with Clare Ford-Wille​
From religious paintings to woodcarving, explore the careers and artistic styles of the two lesser-known contemporaries of the Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer.
Date: 21 Sept, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly
Cost: £36
To book: E: Judith Leon; T: 020 8948 1978

History of London through its artists & craftsmen – London at peace & at war in the first half of the 20th century
In the wake of World War I, London’s infrastructure and creative industries expanded. From World War II to the Festival of Britain, this 10-part course explores the locations and creatives that shaped London during this time. Exact course details are still to be confirmed.
Dates: 10.30am–3.30pm
1 Oct - Anne Anderson
29 Oct -  Val Woodgate
9 Nov - Simon Inglis
10 Dec - Julia Korner
7 Jan 2019 - Giles Ramsay
28 Jan 2019 - Val Woodgate
18 Feb 2019 - Anne Anderson
11 Mar 2019 - Val Woodgate
1 Apr 2019 - Colin Davies
29 Apr 2019 - Sally Hoban
Venue:  The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, additional venues (TBC)
Cost: £375 (full day course) or £27.50 (per morning) (coffee and biscuits). Afternoon sessions are only available to those booking the full course.
To book: E:; T: 07720 866633

Russian Opera, Music and Ballet
with Rosamund Bartlett​
Discover the rich repertoire of Russian opera in this introductory lecture, from Tchaikovsky’s The Queen of Spades to Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Golden Cockerel.
Date: 5 Oct, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 020 8866 6358

Mantegna and Bellini
with Clare Ford-Wille
The National Gallery’s exhibition Mantegna and Bellini inspires this Study Day, which uncovers the lives and works of the Italian painters.
Date: 19 Oct, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee)
To book: E: Judith Leon; T: 020 8948 1978

A Golden era; Edward Burne-Jones and the last Pre-Raphaelites
with Anne Anderson​
Known for his paintings based on myths and legends, Edward Burne- Jones was one of the last Pre-Raphaelite artists. Discover how the opening of the Grosvenor Gallery inspired Burne-Jones and other Pre-Raphaelite creatives, including Evelyn De Morgan.
Date: 22 Oct, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee)
To book: E:; T: 07766 756637

Zaha Hadid
with Anthea Streeter​
Explore the influences behind the works of pioneering architect Zaha Hadid.
Date: 30 Oct, 10.30am–3.30pm
Venue: The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury
Cost: £36 (coffee and biscuits)
To book: E:; T: 020 8398 8844

Parc Monceau, 1876, Claude Monet. Image: Shutterstock


Our True Gold Celebration event
with Andy McConnell​
From museum tours to exhibitions, there’s plenty to discover in this golden event. In the morning, explore the Area’s Young Arts exhibition and find out more about the Area Societies’ heritage projects, Church Recording and children’s trails at Braintree District Museum. To see inspiring paper artwork and textiles, head over to The Warner Textile Archive for tours and gallery talks. In the afternoon, explore over 5,000 years of glass history with Antiques Roadshow expert Andy McConnell.
Date: 22 Sept, 10am–4.30pm
Venue: Braintree District Museum, The Warner Textile Archive, Bocking Arts Theatre (for the Andy McConnell lecture)
Cost: £10
To book: E:; T: 07946 847559

Foreigners in London: The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art
with Leslie Primo
How did international artists influence British art? From the Tudor to the Baroque period, explore the legacy of artists including Holbein and van Dyck in this two-session Study Day.
Date: 3 Oct, 10.30am–1pm
Venue: Little Baddow Memorial Hall, Chelmsford
Cost: £22 (coffee and pastries)
To book: E:; T: 01277 374314


But does it really count as art?
What is art? From music to photography, explore the varied mediums of the arts world in this series of lectures. Discover the history and development of the harp with Sarah Deere-Jones, complete with demonstrations. Join Tobias Capwell to look at the artistry and techniques involved in armour production. Explore how photography has shaped our understanding of the modern world with Barry Venning.
Date: 10am–3.30pm
24 Sept - Sarah Deere-Jones
17 Oct - Tobias Capwell
23 Nov - Barry Venning
Venue: The Hub, Easton Street, High Wycombe
Cost: £31 (24 Sept and 23 Nov); £25 (morning; 17 Oct) (sandwich lunch and refreshments)
To book: E: Lisa Green; T: 01494 521750


Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
with Eveline Eaton
From Gauguin to Rodin, this Study Day provides an overview of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. It is designed to coincide with The Lightbox in Woking’s exhibition Picturing the Everyday: French Impressionism & Post-Impressionism,
which features works by artists including Degas and Cézanne.
Date: 5 Oct, 10am–3pm
Venue: The Lightbox, Woking, Surrey
Cost: £35 (refreshments, lectures, lunch and exhibition entry)
To book: E: Geraldine Corbitt T: 01344 455679


A World of Music in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset
with Peter Medhurst​
Discover the West Country’s musical heritage and culture in this special Study Day, created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Arts Society. The day will also explore the works of musicians including Franz Liszt and Niccolò Paganini. From cream teas to lunch, ‘call my bluff’ quizzes to an exhibition of members’ art, there’s plenty to enjoy in this golden celebration.
Date: 18 and 19 Jul, 9.30am–5.45pm
Venue: Dartington Hall, Totnes
Cost: £40 (full ticket – lectures, exhibition, quiz, lunch and cream tea); £10 (partial ticket – exhibition, cream tea)
To book: E: David Yates; T: 01984 656735

Am I Missing Something? Dartmoor History of Arts Course
with Geri Parlby & Jeni Fraser
Uncover the hidden messages and symbols in art in this five-session course. Delve into the stories of saints, sinners and biblical heroes in the first session, and examine the architectural hits and misses in the following lecture. Trace the evolution of stained-glass windows, from the past to modernity, in the third session, and then discover the fascination for Orientalism in the 18th and 19th centuries. The course culminates with a look at Cornwall as an artists’ paradise.
Date: 4, 11, 18 Sept and 2, 9 Oct, 10am-3.30pm
Venue: All Saints Hall, Okehampton, Devon
Cost: £130
To book: E: Canon Tim Newcombe T: 01837 52901


Creating an imaginary world
with Bertie Pearce​
Magic and music combine in this golden anniversary event, filled with cake and celebrations. Expect a special lunch, plenty of tricks and music from a classic jazz band.
Date: 29 Jul, 11am–3pm
Venue: Culford School, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
Cost: £37 (refreshments)
To book: E:; T: 07879 401969

Quintilia Fischieri, c.1600, Federico Barocci (oil on canvas). Image: Shutterstock


Tinge it with Romanticism: The Arts and Music between 1800 and 1850
with Peter Medhurst
With its emphasis on the individual, the transcendental and the visionary, Romanticism swept across 18th-century Europe. From Wordsworth to Turner, Chopin to Goya, discover how this movement shaped music, art and literature.
Date: 25 OCT, 10am–3.30pm
Venue: Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Cost: £40 (coffee and lunch)
To book: E: Alexandra Davies T: 01242 230294


Art and Literature
From medieval romance to Russian literature, discover how artists across the ages have been inspired by the written word. In the first session, explore art and literature in Russian society and, in the second lecture, delve into the world of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s Florence. In the third lecture, examine medieval romance literature, and then trace the evolution of book illustrations from Albrecht Dürer to Arthur Rackham in the fourth session. The final lecture charts the art and literature of the Decadents, Symbolists and Realists towards the end of the 19th century.
Date: 10.30am-3.30pm
2 Nov - Rosamund Bartlett
15 Nov - Sally Dormer
23 Nov - Clare Ford-Wille
30 Nov- Anne Anderson
Venue: Southampton City Art Gallery & Lecture Theatre
Cost: £125 (five sessions); £25 (individual sessions)
To book: E: T: 01590 672909


Forgotten Heroines: Women Artists, Patrons and Collectors from the Renaissance to the Present Day
Discover how women shaped art history in this five-session course. In the first session, explore how female artists and collectors shaped the Italian and Northern Renaissance. From Mary Moser to Frida Kahlo, explore the works of pioneering women artists in the second session. The third day will explore the artists and designers of early 20th-century Paris, and the fourth will uncover the works of Marlow Moss. The course finishes with an overview of influential modern artists Paula Rego and Rachel Whiteread.
Date: 10.15am–3pm
25 Oct - Paula Nuttall
20 Nov - Pamela Halford
22 Jan 2019 - Mary Alexander
19 Feb 2019 - Dr Lucy Howarth
12 Mar 2019 - Linda Smith
Venue: Cerne Abbas Village Hall, Kettle Bridge Lane, Dorset
Cost: £140 (five sessions); £30 (individual sessions) (lunch and refreshments)
To book: E: Alison de Candole (contactby email only)


Great Exhibition of the North
To coincide with our 50th anniversary celebrations and the Great Exhibition of the North, The Arts Society North East Area is presenting a series of talks this summer. Topics range from the art of Hollywood to the history of food and art.
Date: 28 Jun–8 Sept
Venue: Various venues
To book:


Craft Scotland summer show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
Enjoy a private view of Craft Scotland’s popular summer show, which showcases the work of 38 makers, from jewellery artist Cristina Zani to glass artist Elin Isaksson.
Date: 8 Aug, 11am
Venue: White Stuff, George Street, Edinburgh
Cost: £7 (coffee and cake)
To book: E: Jennifer Harding-Edgar T: 07871 092300

Arts Society Team Gold at Maggie’s Culture Crawl
Take part in an evening of culture, food and fun as part of Maggie’s Cultural Crawl, Edinburgh. Explore the city’s top cultural sites, while raising money for cancer care at Maggie’s Centres across the UK.
Date: 21 Sept
Venue: Venue and time TBC
Cost: £20 to register and pledge to raise £100
To book: E: Jennifer Harding-Edgar T: 07871 092300

Reflections on Rembrandt
with Andrew Graham-Dixon
One of the greatest artists of the Golden Age, Rembrandt’s use of printing and painting techniques earned him wide acclaim. Uncover the life and works of the Dutch master painter, before a private tour of the Scottish National Gallery’s exhibition Rembrandt: Britain’s Discovery of the Master.
Date: 24 Sept, 6pm
Venue: Scottish National Gallery, The Mound, Edinburgh
Cost: £25
To book: E: Jennifer Harding-Edgar T: 07871 092300


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