Autumn Study Days & Courses

Autumn Study Days & Courses

1 Sep 2018 - 16:00 BY The Arts Society

A round-up of the upcoming study days and courses organised by our area teams.

The Arts Society Scotland and Northern Ireland has organised an array of activities at V&A Dundee. Image: Ross Fraser McLean


All that glitters is not gold: realities and illusions from Giotto to Raphael
2 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
Discover how 14th and 15th-century Italian artists used gold, or created the impression of gold, in frescoes and panel paintings.

The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury. £36 (coffee and biscuits)

The Via Emilia
9 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Margaret Knight
Uncover the history of the settlements along the Via Emilia Roman road, from early Roman colonies to modern Emilia-Romagna.

Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly. £30

Splendours of North Africa
12 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Chris Bradley
Ancient rock art, Roman mosaics and Islamic architecture are just some of the treasures to discover in this cultural exploration of North Africa.

The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly. £36

A Roman mosaic discovered in the partly excavated city of Volubilis in Morocco. Image: Shutterstock

The English Church: An Architectural and Social History
14 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Andrew Davies
This lecture reveals the fascinating history of England’s parish churches. Expect doom paintings, stainedglass windows and misbehaving clergymen.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee and biscuits)
E: Tricia Savours - T: 020 8866 6358

The Golden Age of Spanish Art
20 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Jacqueline Cockburn
Over the 8th and 15th centuries, Christians recaptured Spain from Islamic rule. In this lecture, explore the works of the period’s acclaimed artists, from El Greco to Diego Velázquez.

The Linnean Society (as before). £36
E: Jean Schooling -

The Music of London: Golden Jubilee Celebration Concert
Presenter: Peter Medhurst
A showcase of the music connected with the capital city, this golden anniversary concert
includes repertoire from Cornysh to Coward. It features performances from the London Mozart Players, soloists Helen Semple (soprano), Maciek O’Shea (baritone) and Jeremy Limb (piano), and a world premiere of a piece by PhD student Joseph Howard. Howard’s work was commissioned by The Arts Society Greater London Area to celebrate 50 years of The Arts Society.

Kings Place, 90 York Way, London. £38.50 (+£3 booking fee)
T: Kings Place Box Office 020 7520 1490
For more information, and a full list of repertoire, visit

Lorenzo Lotto’s portraits
29 NOV, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
One of the great 16thcentury artists, Lorenzo Lotto’s bold paintings and expressive style transformed Renaissance art. Linked to the National Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, Lorenzo Lotto Portraits, this Study Day explores the range of his artistic works.

The Art Workers’ Guild (as before). £36 (coffee)
E: Judith Leon – T: 020 8948 1978

The Genius of Donatello
7 DEC, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Margaret Knight
Enigmatic and innovative, Italian sculptor Donatello influenced artists including Michelangelo and Bellini. This Study Day reveals the wonders behind the Renaissance artist’s works.

Society of Antiquaries (as before). £30

The great enigma: the story of Russia and her arts
11 JAN 2019, 8 FEB 2019, 8 MAR 2019, 12 APR 2019, 10 MAY 2019, 14 JUN 2019
Tutor: Margaret Knight
Trace the development of Russian art and culture – and how it took the 19th-century art world by storm – in this six-part course.

Society of Antiquaries (as before). £150 (full course)

Sicily: Empire in the sun
23 JAN 2019, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Jane Angelini
The gateway between Africa and Europe, Sicily has been shaped by civilisations including Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans. In this Study Day, discover the cultural heritage of the island.

The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly. £36 (coffee)
E: Jean Schooling –

The stunning Palatine Chapel of the Norman kings of Sicily in Palermo. Image: Shutterstock

Artists and architects in depth: father and son, Giovanni Battista and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
25 JAN 2019, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Clare Ford-Wille
Discover the works of the key 18th-century fresco painters, from the Archbishop’s Palace in Udine to the Villa Valmarana near Vicenza.

The Linnean Society (as before). £36
E: Judith Leon T: 020 8948 1978

East Surrey 

The Forbidden City: The Secrets of China’s Imperial Palace
9 NOV, 10AM-1PM
Tutor: Anne Haworth
Uncover the secrets of the Forbidden City in this Study Day. Built in the 15th century, the palace complex was home to the Ming and Qing dragon emperors – two of the most powerful dynasties in China.

The Menuhin Hall, Cobham Road, Stoke D’Abernon, Great Bookham, Cobham. £19
E: Jo Edna Corbyn T: 07758 097003


The Art of Captain Cook’s Voyages
28 NOV, 10.30AM-2.30PM
Tutor: Prasannajit de Silva
Captain Cook’s three voyages, from 1768–1780, transformed European knowledge of the Pacific. In this Study Day, discover the works and roles of the artists who accompanied him on-board.

Little Baddow Memorial Hall, Little Baddow, Chelmsford. £32 (coffee and lunch)
E: T: 01277 374314


The Art and Architecture of Ireland
1 NOV, 10AM-3.30PM
Tutor: Tom Duncan
From the Book of Kells manuscript to Gothic castles, explore Ireland’s cultural treasures – and uncover its turbulent history.

Best Western Tiverton Hotel, Blundells Road, Tiverton. £38 (coffee and lunch)
E: Sheila Hughes – T: 01395 516373

Ashford Castle and its landscaped grounds in County Mayo, Ireland. Image: Shutterstock

Am I Missing Something? – Exeter
18, 25 JAN 2019, 1, 8, 15 FEB 2019, 10.30AM-3.30PM
Tutors: Geri Parlby and Jeni Fraser
Discover the works that shaped the art world in this art history course. Examine prehistoric cave art, the symbolism of the colours red and black, the art and empires of Mesopotamia and Egypt, and the representation of beauty in Ancient Greek art.

Exeter Library, Exeter. £130
E: Carol Cathcart T: 01404 841404

Am I Missing Something? – Plymouth
21 JAN 2019, 4, 18 FEB 2019, 4, 18 MAR 2019, 10AM-3.30PM
Tutors: Geri Parlby and Jeni Fraser 
Filled with surprises – and secrets – this five-session course provides a fresh look at art history. Learn about the history of art and propaganda, the symbolism of the colour red, the influence of Egyptian art, the work of women artists across time and poisonous pigments.

The Athenaeum, Plymouth. £130
E: Lorette Logie T: 01803 863433

Am I Missing Something? – Taunton
21, 28 FEB 2019, 7, 14, 21 MAR 2019, 10AM-3.30PM
Tutors: Geri Parlby and Jeni Fraser
In this series of lectures in the Taunton version of the art history course, discover the artistic heritage of churches, the symbolism of the colour blue, the history of photography, the art collections of British monarchs and the treasures of Celtic art.

Castle House – The Museum of Somerset, Taunton. £130
E: Dr David Yates T: 01984 656735

Am I Missing Something? – East Devon
27 FEB 2019, 13, 20, 27 MAR 2019, 3 APR 2019, 10AM-3.30PM
Tutors: Geri Parlby and Jeni Fraser
Starting with an insight into colour, space, shape and form, this course provides a varied approach to art history. Learn how to identify gods, goddesses and heroes, explore the evolution of Celtic art, trace the history of stained-glass windows, and discover the subversive art of Hispanic South America and Mexico.

Sidmouth Rugby Club, Heydons Lane, Sidmouth. £130
E: Gill Gill – T: 01395 513713


Private view – Elements: A festival of jewellery, silver & gold
19-21 OCT, 11AM-12.30PM
Enjoy a curator’s talk and private view of Elements, which showcases the
talents of UK makers.

Lyon & Turnbull Auction House, Broughton Street, Edinburgh. £12
E: Jennifer Harding-Edgar T: 07871 092300

V&A Dundee
21 NOV
A day of cultural activities to mark the opening of the new museum. Lectures and exhibition tours of Ocean Liners: Speed and Style are some of the highlights on offer. Details and booking forms will be on from 12 October.

V&A Dundee, 1 Riverside Esplanade, Dundee. Price TBC
E: Jennifer Harding-Edgar T: 07871 092300


Cross Cultural Influences in the Arts
Rupert Willoughby; 30 JAN 2019 
John Stevens; 27 FEB 2019
Guy de la Bédoyère; 27 MAR 2019
Discover how other cultures informed and influenced British art in this three-part course. Following 950 years since the Normans invaded England, Rupert Willoughby explores how the growth of Norman castles, churches, cathedrals and monasteries transformed
the country’s social, political and cultural landscape. In the second session, uncover the art, objects and buildings from across the British Empire with John Stevens. This session will also examine the art and architecture of 19th-century Calcutta, with an overview of the work of Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature. The course culminates with Guy de la Bédoyère’s insights into the legacy of Roman art, history and culture, from high-ranking women to the influence of Roman Britain.

The Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. £105 (full course); £35 (individual sessions)
E: Hilary Reid Evans T: 07736 670534


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