The Arts Society Kington Langley support 'Masquerade'

The Arts Society Kington Langley support 'Masquerade'

19 May 2023

TAS Kington Langley has built up a good working relationship with Rag & Bone, an arts school and youth theatre in Chippenham in the last couple of years. TASKL is now part of the ’arts scene’ in Chippenham where we have funded various museum projects, Outreach Banners, working with GWR and TransWilts on Art @ The Station, local artists and trails and with TAS Wessex Area we are currently working with Art Bytes and the Town Council to put on an art exhibition.


We wanted to support this project as there was the opportunity for the young people to work on a real-life project with a budget, time scales and a demanding customer, the Mayor, so it all had to work. Thanks to the funding from the Patricia Fay memorial Fund we were able to provide the resources to make this project happen.


There were numerous volunteers to support the paid staff and as well as creating a sense of community spirit and pride everyone was able to see an arts project develop from an idea to a reality.

The young people were going to learn new practical, design, art and management skills which will be of use to them in their futures.


Below is the feedback from the organisers, young artists and their parents.


Thank you for your funding which allowed our Youth Theatre Designers the opportunity to work on a live brief, providing a vibrant, large-scale set for the Chippenham Mayoral Ball and our in-house production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ 

The Ball was held at the Neeld Hall on 29th April, 2023 which gave us 12 weeks’ worth of sessions to design and build our work.

Your funding paid for the new materials we required (willow, floristry wire and paint) as well as the venue and staff costs for the sessions, and essential equipment. The set was made from both new and recycled materials; new for structural safety and recycled to reflect both our and the Mayor’s ethos.

Our Designers rose to the challenge of building safe but aesthetically magical pieces, which involved design, construction and decoration on a large scale appropriate to the size of the Neeld Hall. 

The ‘get-in’ was a great opportunity for them to work to a tight deadline set by the schedule of the day, which they achieved brilliantly. We’re very proud of what they produced and how professionally they behaved.

The Mayoral Ball was a great success and many of the attendees commented on the beauty of the set. The Designers attended the Ball After-Party and had a wonderful evening.

Thank you once again for supporting us.


Rag and Bone Arts Team, May 2023





“As a parent of a child attending the sessions, I've been thoroughly impressed with the freedom the children have had to become involved in a 'real life' event. With a real brief that had to be adhered to in order to ensure a positive outcome for all involved. Working in collaboration with the Mayor was also an important part and taking feedback was key. The child had to work together to ensure they were able to meet the brief and also allow themselves the freedom to be creative. 

My son thoroughly enjoyed the 'realness' of it. He really enjoyed working as part of a team, working with Charlie and the Mayor to create an amazing environment for the ball. 

As a parent I was really proud to go along and see the work they had created collectively and also get to know other parents.


This was an amazing opportunity and I am incredibly grateful, as is my son! Thank you.”

              Sam Lee, parent

“I find my sessions at Rag and Bone very fun. The people there are easy to talk to and are fun to be around. I enjoy the things that we get to make from small to big creations, and it's something different every time.”


“It's been wonderful to see the confidence and friendships my daughters discovered in the set design sessions. What a brilliant opportunity to build on their theatre project work and participate in a much bigger event. I know she got a real thrill out of being part of something involving, not only showing off their hard work, but a glimpse behind the scenes of a really special, grown-up night.
I hope she has many more opportunities to join similar projects - a superb addition to any university personal statement!
The only small let-down was there not being spaces for the youngsters to join the entire evening, but I know they really enjoyed the latter part of the event.”


              Mary Shepherd, parent


“The sessions were fun and varied and I enjoyed the way that we had a specific goal to work towards and achieve at the end.”




“I enjoyed being a part of the project because it was really fun. I loved going to the ball and seeing our work. It made me feel proud.”





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Heather Leach

Chair and Arts Volunteering Rep of The Arts Society Kington Langley


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