27 Aug 2020

We all need other worlds into which we can escape, whether the need be for physical activity or regeneration of the soul, and the largest, most diverse one must be that of the Arts. Here there is something for everyone, music, writing, dance or art works themselves. Over the years it has been a world that has become more and more important to me.   

For over 25 years I have been going down to the annual Bath Mozartfest, letting glorious music from world class artists wash over me whilst sitting among some of the finest Georgian architecture. Every weekend I assiduously scan the weekend section of the newspaper to see what delectable exhibitions are arriving in London, and in eager anticipation recently purchased a 3 year senior railcard!

Art informs, giving us a greater understanding of the world around us, so it was a natural progression to become part of The Arts Society Great Ouse Valley. One Art Talk taught us to read paintings, how the artist was able to tell the story of his sitters by their clothes, position and background landscape. That information is there for posterity, today’s selfie really does not do it in the same way.  

Sometimes from the title of the Art Talk you cannot always tell exactly what you are going to hear about, but you know it will come from someone with an innate passion for it, and for a couple of hours you can share in their enthusiasm, which is a tonic in itself.

As one of the more recent committee members I have been amazed by the professionalism and knowledge of the existing team, their commitment shows in the wonderful programmes they are able to put together. 

My own working life has been spent mostly in farm offices, supplying the administrative support and book work needed to keep agricultural businesses running smoothly, so the duties of The Arts Society Great Ouse Valley treasurer will not be new to me, but I hope with slightly less danger of mud or oil on the trousers!

About the Author

Helen Chapman

  • Art Sharnbrook Bedfordshire


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