Open your Eyes to Art! #MyArtsSocietyStory

Open your Eyes to Art! #MyArtsSocietyStory

17 Aug 2020

In 2017 I was delighted to hear that The Arts Society Great Ouse Valley had recently formed and that there was an opportunity to become a member.

I’ve always relished the escapism and stimulation that Art has to offer and I love History. The Art Society Art Talks have this combination in bucket loads. For me a Tuesday night Art Talk is an hour of being transported to so many different places; from ‘Gardens and inspiration of nature in Chinese art’ to ‘Power dressing in the 18th Century’ and on to ‘Furniture of the common man’.

No lengthy train journeys to London but a fantastic quality lecture at The Sharnbrook Hotel by someone with a real passion for their specialism. More often than not I leave the lecture wanting to find out more about the subject. I would also like to think that I have a better understanding so when I do see a particular piece of Art or architecture, I see it with different eyes. 

The opportunity to get to know more people who live in the same area as me, both members and those on the committee, has been a really positive part of the whole experience. From the day I joined everyone has been friendly and welcoming. I have recently taken on the role of membership secretary and I’m looking forward to getting to know many more members.

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Clare Williams

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