17 Nov 2022

We held our AGM at our November lecture which meant saying a big thank you to Lizzie Johnston, stepping down after four years in the Chair

Our President Lizzie Darbyshire expressed our gratitude to Lizzie for the way she led us to develop our ZOOM capability through the dark days of the pandemic.  It was her push for the “art of the possible” which made it happen through all the team testing and ironing out the glitches?  We were lucky to have some systems experience with just about sufficient technical skills, but it was Lizzie’s drive, persuasion and coordination that did it. She also rolled up her sleeves and was hands on in the process. Her positive attitude to adversity kept us together in these very challenging days.

Lizzie has also developed and sustained a very open, friendly, and inclusive form of conducting Committee business. This has made being part of the committee be cohesive, fruitful, and fun. Thanks to Lizzie we continue to offer HYBRID ZOOM and although the attendance is biased to being in the hall, we have attracted a ZOOM following who would otherwise not attend.

Lizzie received two lovely prints by local artists of her beloved family house and a bouquet of flowers from incoming Chair Norma Rodmell who said” We so were lucky to have Lizzie as our Chair over the last 4 challenging years. She was exactly the right person in the right place at the right time. We thank her so much and hope she can now enjoy The Arts Society from the comfort of the ‘backbenches. “”

New Chair Norma Rodmell (left) Our President Lizzie Darbyshire  Lizzie johnston (right)


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