Go to Bed with Dreams, Wake up with Plans!

Go to Bed with Dreams, Wake up with Plans!

18 Mar 2020 - 23:17 BY Laura Garratt

What do they say... fail to plan and you plan to fail?

We certainly do not plan to fail at My Arts Society. However, as we are all learning fast, you cannot always plan for everything.

Currently, if your diary is anything like mine, it is a mess of crossed out notes. These now only serve to remind you, of all the great plans you had in place, for wonderful events that are now postponed, or even worse cancelled altogether.

This is so disheartening. During a distressing time, it’s extremely difficult to stay positive, especially if you can’t go about your daily routine following your usual activities that act as coping mechanisms for dealing with the stresses of modern-day life. This can be greatly heightened if you feel like you don’t have anything to look forward to. However, I, like so many others, are working hard and planning ready for better times. We are all having to adapt quickly, to try our best to protect and preserve years of hard work, that have gone in to building up projects we love.

‪The Arts Society offer wonderful training days for the volunteers in committee roles, to work on skills that will enhance a successful society. This includes a training day on programme planning which Jane our Programme Secretary and I were due to attend today. We thank everyone at The Arts Society House for making this training available to us and other committees, and very much look forward to attending this in another session we have now successfully rebooked for later this year.

We thought this training could be of great benefit to us, as we are currently starting to plan our 2021-22 programme of Art Talks. And due to recent events we are also re-planning some of our 2020-21 programme which will now start from this coming September.

For me, having an initial idea, that becomes a plan you work hard with like-minded people to execute, and then get see the final results of, is one of the most inspiring things about belonging to The Arts Society

So keep on dreaming and keep on planning!



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