Giorgio de Chirico, father of Surrealism, BAM, Mons, Sun. 12 May 19

Giorgio de Chirico, father of Surrealism, BAM, Mons, Sun. 12 May 19

13 May 2019 - 10:38 BY Muriel Lowe

A small group of dynamic and energetic ladies headed off to Mons to discover Giorio de Chirico at the origin of Belgian surrealism, admiring at the same time works from Magritte, Delvaux and Graverol, since de Chirico served as a model for these three key figures in Belgian surrealism. The three artists borrowed from him a poetic approach to creation, a mysterious atmosphere, a freedom of representation, and some themes that inhabit de Chirico's entire body of work.

When looking at the reproduction of the "Chant d'amour", very likely found in the Belgian periodical Sélection, Magritte had a visual shock from which there was no return, so much so that he 'could not hold back his tears'. I wondered what one would imagine looking at this, when one lady said that it didn't appeal to her. I somewhat began to adventure and try to make up a story behind every item in the painter's work, a world of mystery and poetry. Another drawing caught my eye with a disproportioned hand, displaying his relationship with the human being evolving with time, with the rejection he developed of the avant-garde, and his feeling of disillusionment with modern civilisation.

What a wonderful way of ending the afternoon, having tea and coffee on the wonderful Grand'Place of Mons.


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