DFASinMalta in collaboration with the Malta School of Art

DFASinMalta in collaboration with the Malta School of Art

9 Mar 2018

In 2017 DFASinMalta embarked on its first conservation programme and adopted three early 19th century booklets covered with decorated paper.  These were conserved with our support by the specialised team of the Notarial Archives where the booklets are in safe keeping. 

The decorated paper covers triggered an interesting idea which evolved into a Young Arts Project involving a printing exercise.  After several meetings with the administrator of the Malta School of Art, it was agreed that we would collaborate with the school on a printing project which would be incorporated within the school curriculum 2017/2018.  Although the project was intended for young art students, the school accepts students of all ages and we duly accepted the mature students as well.

The School of Art students were in the initial stages invited to the Notarial Archives where they were given a presentation about the paste paper technique which was used for several of the decorated paper that cover various books/booklets and manuscripts at these archives.  The students were then encouraged to expand further with other printing techniques that were introduced to them under the guidance of their respective art educator on which they developed their own ideas.  The themes chosen vary and each individual work expresses its own interesting result.  Under the supervision of the main coordinator at the school, the students produced exciting and particular works, and one student went as far as producing a cover for a book, following the original idea of the designed paper covers of the early 19th century booklets at the Notarial Archives.

Several sponsors supported this project by providing the necessary material needed, including lino sheets and tools as well as perspex.  The school provided the paper and ink and various other materials.  The mounts for the finished works were also sponsored and these enabled us to finish off the works in a more presentable manner for the exhibition. The sponsors were VeeGeeBee, AF Signs, and Deco.

The setting up of the exhibition was to conclude the project while revealing the students’ efforts.  Two art educators at the School of Art offered their precious time to help out in the setting up of the exhibition, whilst providing the proper space and means to exhibit the works in a unique manner.  DFASinMalta took care to award a certificate to each student in recognition of his/her participation.  The exhibition, held at the Malta School of Art, was an interesting feat, challenging but very rewarding.  It was officially opened by the Principal of the school on the 22nd February after which drinks and nibbles were offered and enjoyed with all present.  The wine was sponsored by Marsovin.

Thanks to the School of Art administrator, Mr Robert Zahra, Mr Roderick Camilleri, the coordinator of the project and Mr Joe Galea, another art educator, the printing project was a success.  Doreen Buttigieg, Programme Secretary and Ethelbert Perini, Treasurer, helped during the process, and in particular the exhibition itself.  Nicky Stilon, Cindy Billard and Tony Hayhurst, Membership Secretary, Media Secretary and Honorary Secretary respectively, also helped during the exhibition event together with their contribution during discussions held at our meetings.

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