Committee’s Report 2018/19

Committee’s Report 2018/19

10 Sep 2019 - 11:47 BY Admin

This report is the report of the Committee of the Arts Society, Lunesdale in respect of
the year to April 2019, and it is one in respect of which the Committee should take
pride. It has been remarkably successful in delivering its objectives for the Society in
the year when the Arts Society celebrated the 50th anniversary of its formation.

The first essential has to been to maintain full membership of the Society. Thanks to
Judy Graham-Clegg’s efficient renewal programme and her following up of people on
the waiting list, the number of new members has matched those we have lost. The
importance of recruitment of new members cannot be over emphasised, and we have
been delighted that so many members of the Society have encouraged others to join –
please do continue. To that end we propose to carry on the experiment of encouraging
members to bring any guest who might be interested in joining the Society to the pre-
Christmas meeting, without charge, but with mulled wine and mince pies as an
inducement. We have established a sub-committee under the very dynamic
chairmanship of Sue West, which intends to keep up the good work.

We have also tiptoed into a scheme with the Haffner Orchestra for mutual publicity
about each other’s programme in the hope that that will be a way of contacting new

The core of the Society’s programme is its monthly lectures and its study days. Angela
Pape has seamlessly taken over the role of Programme Secretary from Ros Lloyd, and
both have worked hard and very successfully to give us a first class and wide ranging
programme – we are very grateful to both, and also to Jenny Fisher who has taken over
the study days from Angela.

Sue O’Brien has assembled a very successful and hardworking Trips and Tours Team,
and has herself worked incredibly hard. I am delighted that the team are working on an
overseas tour for next year as well as an English one. Again we are very grateful indeed
for the work both of Sue and of all her committee. John Wilson has been equally
successful in the day visits he has organised to Leeds and Manchester – again both fully
subscribed and thoroughly successful.

All the Committee has worked hard and cheerfully to keep the Society on its successful
track, and each and every one deserves our thanks.

I am particularly grateful to Bronwen Osborne who retires as Secretary after what must
seem as a lifetime of calm efficiency, especially in keeping me on the track! Fortunately
Cathy Hartley is continuing as Treasurer and we are grateful for her work. John Parkinson continues to work miracles with the projection and sound equipment which
involves him coming early to every single meeting and every single lecture and study

The team of seamstresses organised by Mel Winstanley who have been creating dust
covers for the National Trust at Town End have, I think, finished their work, although
we are still waiting for confirmation from the National Trust that that is the case, and I
hope that we shall take up a new project to contribute to the community.

Certainly, Mary Frankland has worked tirelessly with Bronwen Osborne on completing
the Young Arts Programme at Carnforth High School. Unfortunately the school were
not entirely helpful in producing a final exhibition so that we can put on a good show of
what had been achieved, but Mary has launched a new project which started earlier this
month, working with Year 6 pupils in Christchurch School, Lancaster, allowing them to
expand their literary skills and then designing and producing pottery. Anybody in the
Society who would like to be involved, or even simply see just what is going in, would
be very welcome – do please contact Mary.

Indeed we are grateful to all those members of the Society who do much to oil the
wheels of the Society. David Lloyd and his car parking team who do a fantastic job in
difficult circumstances, Linda and her catering ladies who keep a convivial gathering,
and all those who put back chairs, etc. etc. The Arts Society, Lunesdale needs you all,
office holders, committee members and members this is your Society and it is
important that you all take part in keeping it a great Society, and in finding a new

Martin Gillibrand


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