A celebration event at Dartington Hall

A celebration event at Dartington Hall

15 May 2018 - 15:55 BY The Arts Society

A celebration event, organised by The Arts Society South West Area, will be held at Dartington Hall on 18th July and again the following day.

Peter Medhurst, a well respected Arts Society lecturer, has just completed a research project into composers and musicians who were born or lived in the South West. He will premier his findings in two lectures, illustrated with slides, but also by singing and playing the piano. This will be followed by a Call my Bluff session run by auctioneers Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood.
Members of The Arts Society, who are skilled artists in their own right, recently submitted examples of their work to a distinguished selection committee who were impressed by the high quality. 190 works were selected, to be displayed at Dartington Hall as part of the celebration. These include jewellery, sculpture, photography, lace-making as well as paintings and drawings. Many art works will be for sale.
There will also be displays by local societies of their own work in conservation, church recording and supporting art for young people, as well as by the South West area’s dedicated teams which organise such projects.
Booking is now open to everyone. The whole day costs £40, including lunch and cream tea. For those who prefer to drop in for a few hours to view the exhibits and enjoy a cream tea with jazz on the lawn and enjoy the Dartington Hall gardens may come for just £10.
For more information, take a look at the website: theartssocietysw.org.uk. For tickets, apply to Sheila Hughes: sheilaswstudydays@gmail.com
The members’ art exhibition will remain open on Friday 20th July at no charge.


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