The Ballets Russes

The Ballets Russes

19 Mar 2023

On 8th March Horsham Arts Society enjoyed a most informative talk about the Ballet Russes and it's creator Diagilhev.  Our speaker explained the development of its success in such detail and made references to all the famous artists who had been involved with it, thus linking together so many art forms. It was also a particular treat to see so many photographs of the productions and especially the very rare footage of Nijinsky dancing.

After the lecture our chair Ann Ratray presented a contribution to Carol Hayton, Treasurer of the Shelly Memorial Project, in support of their aim to commission a permanent memorial to the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.  This will celebrate Horsham’s most famous citizen and create a physical reference to the poet, appreciated and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.  If anybody would like to contribute further to this project, please go to: 


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