Still from "A Colour Box" directed by Len Lye

The Avant-Garde Of The GPO Film Unit 14th November 2019

The Avant-Garde Of The GPO Film Unit 14th November 2019

18 Nov 2019 - 11:20 BY John McEvoy

  • GPO Film Avant-garde

Thanks to everyone who attended our lecture (despite the wild and windy weather!). How good it was to see everyone & also the guests who braved the weather to attend - thank you.
We were treated to an absorbing lecture about the GPO Film Unit's work and enjoyed clips from their remarkable offerings - including 'abstract' painting on film by Len Lye (pop art and rock light show afficionados - eat your heart out!) as well as interesting facts such as the origin of the word "documentary", and its essential Britishness.
The historical context of the Unit and its successor "The Crown Film Unit" was highlighted as well as its influence through the years on "social realism" films of the 50's and 60's, and television offerings such as "Cathy Come Home".

So thank you to John Francis, our lecturer, for providing an excellent treat and reason to leave home on a rather bleak West Penwith night!

(the 'swirl' is a still from "A Colour Box" by Len Lye (1935))


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