The Arts Society Welwyn Garden

The Arts Society Welwyn Garden

7 Jul 2022

Our most recent visit explored some of the extraordinary stained glass windows in the City of London’s churches.

Guided by Arts Society lecturer Alexandra Epps, we had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and symbolism of windows both old and modern, created by a series of remarkable artists and craftsmen.

Our walk encompassed the intensity of colour and detailed spiritual dimensions of 1960s artist John Hayward’s windows in St Mary le Bow and St Michael Paternoster Royal, balanced by the luminosity and clarity of windows in St Michael Cornhill by Victorian masters Clayton and Bell.

At St Mary Aldemary in Bow Lane we admired the simplicity of work by 1950s stained glass artist Lawrence Lee and his contemporary John Crawford.

The 90-minute tour gave us just a glimpse of the treasures to be discovered in the many historic churches of the Square Mile and left all of us wanting to learn more and explore further.


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