The Arts Society Osnabrueck Silent night Holy night, all is calm, all is quiet

The Arts Society Osnabrueck Silent night Holy night, all is calm, all is quiet

7 Jan 2019 - 08:43 BY Brenda Teschke

Silent night Holy night, all is calm, all is quiet


 The calm and quietness emanating from the walls of the ancient church at Holte once again surrounded us giving rise to a warm feeling of peace and well-being as we waited for our now traditional Bridfas ChristmasCarol service to begin. The joyful, powerful voice of our tenor Jan Eggers opened the service with the first verse of that much-loved carol: Oh little town of Bethlehem and the congregation joined in, singing in German or English. The Bible readings were delivered alternately in English and German and the final prayers were spoken in the various native languages of our Brifdfas members. The solos on the Irish harp played by Angela Irnich and Sarah on the violin, and the accompanying organ performance by Ulrich Schlie with a further carol sung by Jan Eggers were a delight as ever. The generous collection at the end of the service raised 422,25 euros which Pastorin Bunselmeyer wished to be donated to the DAHW – die deutsche Lepra-und Tuberkulosehilfe e.V.

Many helping hands had previously decorated the Church hall with greenery, candles, crockery and plates of wonderful Christmas bakes for our convivial get-together afterwards. The well stocked, eye-appealing stall organised by Ruth Murasand with many of her hand-crafted products on sale, helped to boost our Bridfas funds. Everyone seemed reluctant to leave such warm and friendly surroundings.

We must thank Rosi Weber for her excellent organisation and Pastorin Bunselmeyer for leading the service. As ever our grateful thanks go to all those donating goodies, the beverages and items for sale for our get-together in the Church Hall afterwards and also helping out with the preparations and clearing up later.

 In her Christmas message Pastorin Bunselmeyer brought home to us the importance of calm and quiet for our inner well-being, especially at this time of the year with all the pre-Christmas hectic. We all need a little time and space to focus attention on the inner self, immersing ourselves in the present, ignoring the yesterdays and tomorrows.

This notion is aptly reflected in a quotation from A. A.Milne’s much-loved children’ book ’Winnie the Pooh’ when he is talking to his friend Piglet.

 ‚What day is it today?’ asked Pooh

 ‚It’s today’, squeaked Piglet.

 ‚My favourite day!’ exclaimed Pooh 

May every day be a favourite one for you now at Christmastide and in the coming year. 

Brenda Teschke - on behalf of your The Arts Society Osnabrueck committee


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