The Arts Society Lunesdale AGM Agenda

The Arts Society Lunesdale AGM Agenda

20 Aug 2021

President Lady Shuttleworth

To all Members of the Society: the combined 2020-21 AGM

(due to Covid interruption of 2020) will be held at

Borwick & Priest Hutton Memorial Hall on Tuesday September 21st at 11.00am.

Item 5 will be chaired by Martin Gillibrand, all other items will be chaired by John Houghton


1) Apologies for absence.

2) To approve the Minutes of AGM 2019 (see on

3) To receive & approve the Report of the Committee.

4) To receive & approve the Accounts for 2020 and 2021.               

5) To elect John Houghton as Chairman for 2021/22

6) To elect the Officers and Committee.

The following members have been nominated by the current officers and committee members and have consented to present themselves for re-election or election.

Chairman: John Houghton,  Secretary: Sue West, Treasurer:  Margie Dixon

Committee Members, Judie Graham Clegg,  Jenny Fisher,  Mary Frankland, Sue O’Brien, Angela Pape, John Parkinson. John Wilson; Martin Gillibrand

Nominations for any Officer or Committee Member may, with the consent of the nominee be made in writing to the secretary at least 14 days before the AGM.

7) To elect a Financial Examiner of the Accounts for the ensuing year.

8) To discuss any other business with the permission of the Chairman. Members are requested to notify the Secretary at least 14 days beforehand of any matters to be raised under item (8)

Secretary Sue West. Contact

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