The Arts Society Kington Langley sponsors a Lecture for Chippenham Fringe Festival 2024

The Arts Society Kington Langley sponsors a Lecture for Chippenham Fringe Festival 2024

18 Mar 2024

Chippenham Fringe Festival February 2024

Lecture sponsored by The Arts Society Kington Langley Arts Volunteering

‘Hidden Canvasses – Street Art in the City’.

‘Doug Gillen is a Scottish born, London-based, videographer and vlogger and is the founder of Fifth Wall TV, a video-based platform providing content for the art world. Over the years, Fifth Wall TV has worked in partnership with magazines, festivals, charities and galleries, providing dynamic and engaging video content, connecting people around the world with the heart of the scene. With Evan Pricco, he is also co-host of Radio Juxtapoz. Doug is heavily involved in documenting the street art scene in London and abroad, and can offer a genuine insight into this world. He previously lectured for London Art and More, and when not filming he is an East End tour guide for Alternative London, specialising in culture and art.' (Doug Gillen)

There’s more to the world of street art than Banksy, Hidden Canvases is a beginner's guide to the biggest art movement since pop art.  From train writing in New York to interactive technology that brings murals to life, the concept of un-commissioned public art is a very different beast to that which it once was. 

The Hidden Canvases lecture explores the key stages in street art's growth examining the different elements and styles that comprise the scene with no rules.  From the international superstars to the local underground heroes you're guaranteed to leave knowing your ‘Invadr’ from your ‘Aryz’ and who knows you might even start looking at the world a little differently’.(Doug Gillen)

We had a cross section of people from Chippenham – adults and school students, TASKL members and they were treated to a whistle stop tour of street art. Starting with how graffiti was a response to a feeling of marginalisation in young people’s own neighbourhood and its impact on their society.

This was covered by Martha Cooper, Photographer at The New York Post who started documenting the use of graffiti. Then the lecture lead us through to the amazing range of street artists who are creating some creative and inventive work today allacross the world.

How STIK made a fortune by illustrating a company’s Head office –and rather than getting paid he asked for shares in the business.

The Business – FACEBOOK – he sold the shares and is now worth $200, M! Banksy is merely worth about £20 M.

The exploits of artists from across the globe came thick and fast with a detailed and comprehensive review of their work, how they have developed their styles, high jacked advertising and then we had a look at the processes involved.

So, street artists respond to the space, they poke and prod us to look again, they remove barriers and take control of their ideas and work.

This was an exciting look at the most contemporary artwork that we are exposed to and Doug encouraged us to be open and respond creatively to what some see as a crime and others rejoice when Banksy uses their wall for his next message.$

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Heather Leach Chair TASKL

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