Marian and Micky of Boxgrove with Henry VIII

The Arts Society Boxgrove working in partnership with Sage House

The Arts Society Boxgrove working in partnership with Sage House

13 Mar 2024

The partnership between The Arts Society Boxgrove and Sage House has been a huge success. The dementia sufferers and their carers at Sage House have really enjoyed the entertainment that the generous grant from TAS has provided since last September.  We have made a big effort to select ‘entertainers’ mostly from the AS directory of lecturers who are particularly engaging and experienced in interacting with this type of audience.  So far, we have had Bertie Pearce with his magic, Harry Venning with his cartoons and next month Margaret Watson the harpist.  We have also been able to secure well-known local entertainers.  All the entertainers so far have been very generous and reduced their fees.  Prior to September we held a charity tea and raised approximately £500 from our members which we added to the £1500 grant.  Our intention is to continue to hold fund-raising events twice a year to support this worthy cause.  In addition Sage House market the events and sell tickets always giving credit and thanks to The Arts Society.  Some of our members from Boxgrove buy tickets and attend the event – they are always invited.  The afternoon includes a generous tea and therefore Sage House have raised over £1600 so far from these ticket sales. 

As it has been so successful we, and Sage House, would very much like these valuable and entertaining events to continue.  We can’t emphasise enough how much enjoyment everyone gets from these afternoons.  In the past Sage House have been restricted to local singers and one thing we have tried to do is to ‘think outside the box’ and introduce entertainers who stimulate those with dementia as well as providing interesting and varied entertainment for their carers.

Photo: Marian Webb and Micky Kay of TAS Boxgrove with Henry VIII at Sage House

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