Art For Therapy

Art For Therapy

13 Dec 2023

With the support from The Arts Society Community Grants, The Arts Society Marina Alta were able to underrake their project "Art For Therapy" with C.C. Especial Gargasindi School in Benissa. Read about the success of their project below. 

“The recent 2023 project was a beautiful, inspiring joint venture, art workshop between the Gargasindi School and the Arts Society, with a lovely emotional handover of the final works…. and it was fun for all”.

The Arts Society Marina Alta members have over recent weeks partnered with C.C. Especial Gargasindi School * in Benissa for the third year, to promote its ‘Art as Therapy’ initiative for the students of the School.

Four of our Arts Society members under the leadership of local artist Mireille Vetterli, once again worked with a total of 64 students of the school in November 2023 to facilitate each student in producing their own individual  ‘work of art’.

The project concept was to produce a specially designed and constructed abstract image with individual expression. By incorporating round marbles dipped in black plaster to form an intricate pattern of shapes within a frame, then painted in with watercolours, produced a complete and unique work of art.

Each completed art piece was then individually identified for each student and framed by members of the Society.  On returning the finished article to the school, the Principal, Ines Lopez Arenas, presented each student with their completed work to take home and share with the family.

We offer our sincerest congratulations to CEE Gargasindi for their commitment, organisation and belief that they can make a difference to the lives of these children and young adults.


Written by David Glover.

On behalf of the members and friends of The Arts Society Marina Alta

* The Colegio Publico De Educacion Especial Gargasindi is a special needs learning facility that is part of a comprehensive educational campus in Benissa/Calpe. The school has c70 pupils with ages ranging from 3 to 24, all with diverse and varying levels of mental, physical, sensory and motor functionality.

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Photos: Mireille Vetterli and David Glover.

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