And which paintings were chosen ?

And which paintings were chosen ?

26 May 2021

On May 26th we held our Arts Discussion Group. This was an "end of term" session before the Arts Discussion Group takes a break for the Summer. 

We will be back on  22nd September with a talk about " Work" by Ford Madox Brown, given by Rob Owen.

So which paintings did our member choose to speak about and why? 

I have attached a list of their choices, all can be found on websites. Several can be seen in galleries, including The National Gallery and The Guildhall Art Gallery as well as further afield in Scotland, France and Italy.

The variety of reasons behind the choices were  fascinating. An association with an emotional time, or for their sheer beauty and spiritual power,or place in history. Colour was another reason given, light and shade.The talent of the artist in conveying Winter light or the Summer sky. How effective a muted palette could be, the skill of the artist in painting a single strand of hair or the placing of a necklace round an elegant neck.

For some it was the narrative quality, a couple's love, a funeral scene, the engrossing story behind the Sharp family portrait and their influence on the time in which they lived.

The selection was completed with two drawings by the war artist Cuthbert Julian Orde and the tale behind why there are two drawings of Henry Maudslay DFC.

I look forward to our new season of Arts Discussion Groups with joyful anticipation.




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