Application to become an accredited lecturer

Please list qualification, institution, and date
We expect our lecturers to have at least 3 years' experience lecturing to adult audiences, and using digital technology. Our Societies expect the lectures to be well structured, articulately delivered (without reading verbatim from notes) and with excellent quality images. Please describe your lecturing experience over the last few years and how you match this criteria
Please list your specialist subjects, how do these relate to The Art Society's remit of the arts?
What lecture titles would you be offering to The Arts Society? Please explain how each of these relates to The Art Society's remit of the arts
We ask for the names, professional positions and contact details of two referees who have heard you lecture during the past 12 months and can comment on your lecturing skills; they should be professional people and must not include relatives or close family friends. Please include the referees’ email addresses
This space is for you to include details of any other information you think relevant to your application.

Next Steps

1. Submit the completed form

2. If we wish to further your application we will take up your references

3. On receipt of successful references, we will ask you to provide an opportunity for an observer to attend a one hour illustrated lecture that you are giving to an audience of at least 50 people. The Arts Society will not arrange this lecture for you. We can arrange one observation only. We can observe online lectures.

4. The final stage, provided all other stages have been passed successfully, is to invite you to deliver a 20 minute, illustrated, mini-lecture to a panel of representatives from The Arts Society. These sessions are currently held online.

5. Successful applicants will be listed as freelance lecturers in the Directory for selection for their programmes by societies and invited to participate in The Arts Society’s Directory Day, the next being in March 2025.

Please note: 1) There is an annual subscription fee to appear in the Directory of Lecturers; this is currently £170. 2) Our Societies tend to book their programmes around 18 months ahead.

I confirm that the information I have supplied is accurate to the best of my knowledge and understand that my details will be held on computer for administrative purposes only with The Arts Society, its member Societies,The Arts Society Tours and The Arts Society Enterprises