Church Recording

Church Recording


Church Recording- Recording the Past for the Future

Church Recording promotes recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage by recording the contents of places of worship of all denominations. Participating churches are presented with an illustrated book detailing each item and its history. Copies are also sent to national institutions.


Use The Arts Society Church Recorders

If you are interested in inviting enthusiastic, disciplined and committed volunteers to make a detailed inventory of your church or place of worship, please email


There is no charge to the church for The Arts Society church recording or for the production of church records.


Join The Arts Society Church Recorders

All Church Recorders must be members of The Arts Society - either as Society Members or as £10 Members. There are Societies all over the country, many with Church Recorder groups. Most Church Recorder groups will be pleased to invite you to come to the church where they are currently working to find out if it is something you would like to do.


If you are interested in becoming a member of The Arts Society, please visit our website to find out more or contact

If You Are Already A Church Recorder-
If you have already joined a Church Recording Group  please click here to enter the Church Recorder microsite.
If you do not have a password please email for help logging in.