Nomination Form: Marsh Award for Volunteering with The Arts Society

Who can be nominated?

  1. Any group of volunteers or individual volunteer currently offering invaluable help with heritage conservation, church recording projects or Trails of Discovery, or who encourage and enhance young people's appreciation and understanding of art and our heritage, or Society Committee which has demonstrated the values of The Arts Society by, for example, making an exceptional contribution to its local community, overcoming a particular challenge or demonstrated ways of increasing its membership. 

  2. Entries should focus specifically on the achievements of the volunteer/s or Society in their chosen disciplines and the difference they are making to the wider community beyond The Arts Society.  

Who can make a nomination? 

Any member of The Arts Society can make a nomination following the guidance below.

Complete the online form below giving details of the nominee and covering the following points  

- a brief description of the volunteering activities being undertaken
- how the volunteer / volunteer group is making a difference to the wider community

The prizes

The award will be divided into four categories

- Group Award - £500
- Individual Award - £500
- UK Society Committee Award - £500
- International Society Committee Award - £500

The Judging

All entries will be judged by a panel consisting of representatives from the Marsh Christian Trust and The Arts Society but the final decision lies with the Award Trustees, ensuring independence and giving real value to the winners in terms of the recognition earned.

Deadline for submissions -  30th January 2019

If a Society please give full name eg Exe DFAS, not abbreviations eg EDFAS
Please begin typing the name of the Society, then choose from the list that appears
Select the activity/ies the nominee is involved with.
eg Hardwick Hall or St Mary's church Saffron Walden or Tilling Young Carers' Centre
Outline why you believe your nominated volunteer / volunteer group / Society committee merits the award. Please include a brief description of the volunteering activity being undertaken, how they are making a difference to the wider community and how long they have been volunteering. If you are nominating a Society committee please give a summary of their work and how they benefit their Society, for example was there a particular issue they have overcome or a new initiative they have introduced? The box can be expanded by clicking on and dragging the grey bar at the bottom of the box.
Full name eg. Fred Smith