External Grants 2019

External Grants 2019

This page is for applications from external charities.


We can only accept online applications.

Spring & Autumn rounds £150 - £3000 max.

The Autumn round for Charities and Societies is now closed.

To apply for a grant, read through the Charity Application Guidance Notes and the information below. If you are sure you will meet our application criteria, register below to obtain your log in details. When you have received these, complete and submit your application form by the deadline. Please register by 20th September 2019 to ensure you have enough time to complete your application.

Please note any applications received after the closing deadline will not be considered.

2018-2021 FUNDING Priorities

In accordance with members wishes and the results of the grants consultation, we have the following three priorities for the next three years. 


Young Arts programmes support a wide range of activities to introduce young people to and engage them in artistic experience and practice. They include: artists in residence; art lectures for students; funding visits to art galleries and museums; art exhibitions for young artists; equipment purchases; practical workshops; local Arts Week events; bursaries for individual students; and sponsorship for craft apprentices.


This area is about projects and programmes that further the development and training of skills in the arts, crafts and heritage. There are no age limits to this as we believe that people of all ages benefit from acquiring and honing their creative and heritage skills.


The work of regional and local museums and galleries is important in connecting people with their local heritage and arts; yet these institutions often struggle to raise funds for projects and internships during times of budget cuts. Our grants may support special projects, displays, internship or part-time posts, training and conservation activities. We will also consider applications involving regional and local theatres and performing arts spaces and groups.

What we dont fund

  • Organisations that are not registered charities.

  • Capital expenditure.

  • Core costs.

  • Annual Turnover greater that £3M.

  • Repeat applications. (Applicants that are successful two years in succession must wait a year before reaplying.)

  • Non-compliance with application procedures.

  • Please note, reserves will be taken into account. The Chairty Commission defines reserves as "that part of a chairty's income funds that is freely available."

  • Schools (Primary, Secondary and 6th Form. This includes parent-teacher associations and friends of organisations.) NB - Our member Societies may be able to fund schools arts projects. Please Click Here to find your nearest society.

  • Applications above £3000.

  • We do not accept applications from individuals.

  • Applicants must be a registered UK charity.


The proposed project;

  • Needs to fulfil the charitable objectives of The Arts Society and be given in The Arts Society name.
  • Should make a difference to people’s lives.
  • Has to be viable & sustainable.

  • Must be well-managed.

  • Must be related to the Arts, Crafts, Heritage or Conservation.

  • Must have a robust budget.

  • Must demonstrate sound financial management.

  • Must include publicity for The Arts Society.

  • Successful applicants should track progress and report back to The Arts Society.


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