May 2020

Visit to Penzance Jewish Cemetery

The Arts Society West Cornwall
Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - 11:15
Zennor Building, Penwith College
St Clare Penzance TR18 2SA



Ifyou have booked this trip, please wait until alternative arrangements can be made for a new date in the future.

This visit is a tour of the hidden private Jewish Cemetery in Penzance.

As Penzance Town Council website says

"Of the 25 Georgian Jewish Cemeteries outside London, the  English Heritage Grade II listed Penzance cemetery is regarded as by far the finest. It is entirely enclosed by a substantial high wall (dating from 1845) and at its entrance there is a complete Bet Tohorah, or "Cleansing House", a very rare feature to survive from this period.

With the exception of the oldest section of ground, where the earliest headstones have been lost, the surviving fifty or so headstones are in almost perfect condition and their Hebrew and English inscriptions are of an exceptional quality."

The cemetery is owned by the Board of Deputies of British Jews in London. It is maintained by Penzance Council and is supervised by Penlee House Gallery and Museum. As a private site, there is no right of public access, but the cemetery's voluntary custodian has arranged a visit for us.

Find out more about Penzance Jewish Cemetery HERE 

Penlee House Gallery and Museum information about the Jewish Cemetery is HERE