December 2019


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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 13:45
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Hilary Guise tackles the conundrum of the Star of Bethlehem

The “Star” of Bethlehem apparently did exist. But what it was exactly and when it shone in the night sky are questions that for two thousand years people have taken on trust.  Astronomy can now recreate the night sky at any given moment historically, and we can actually see an intense light, when looking south from Jerusalem towards Bethlehem one November night in 7BC – the year Jesus is thought to have been born.  The “Star” signalled a new King for Israel and for the West because of the ancient astrological meanings attached to the planets and signs of the Zodiac.  Deep space photos from NASA confirm the wisdom of the Magi who read the night skies accurately, astrologically, so many centuries ago. The question is why would the Magi, if Persian as has always been assumed, set out to find the Saviour? Why would gentiles do this? Would it not make more sense if the wise men were in fact Jewish?  And this conclusion in also part of the story.


Mrs Hilary Guise

Lectures in the main museums in London for American universities, and has toured widely in the USA and lectured for the Smithsonian Institution. Has also worked for the Art Fund, taught courses for Cambridge University, has been a guest speaker on cruises. Trained as a painter at Central St Martin’s, she exhibits abroad, most recently in Berlin and France. Lives in London and in Provence.