June 2022

Special Event - Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Leiden

The Arts Society The Hague
Friday, June 24, 2022 - 10:45
Rapenburg 19, Leiden 2311 GE
Online Event

SHIN HANGA - 'New prints from Japan (1900-1960)' at Japan Museum SieboldHuis in Leiden.

We bid the season 2021-2022 farewell with an Oriental touch to our series of Special Events, namely, a guided tour in English through a most impressive exhibition, with a display of no less than 130 works by the most prominent Japanese artists and publishers of the print art form in the 20th century.

Producing a print requires not only a skilled artist, but also an equally skilled publisher, carver, and printer.

They were all aware of the rich past of Japan´s print art and therefore when developing a new style, the Shin hanga, much respect was paid to the centuries old print traditions, but by using higher quality materials, enriching the texture, and increasing the colour hues, the end result delivered a technically perfect print of an exceptional quality.

All of which you'll be able to experience yourself should you wish to join us and examine the magnificent prints of charming landscapes, breath taking beauties, Kabuki actors, flora, and fauna all depicted most meticulously.

In this day and age when body tattoos are within everyone's reach, you´ll find that this art form was especially appreciated and/or feared as it was not only used to embellish one's body, but also used as punishment in old Japan.  People who could afford it had a back or a whole body embellished, the skin became a canvas and could display an excellently executed art work, which was occasionally sold after the carrier died.  One of the displayed prints shows us a modern version of such a body tattoo.

Those of you already familiar with Japanese prints will know that the artists presented at this exhibition are all most sought after and belong to the absolute top.  Those of you who are not yet familiar with Japanese print art, are hereby given a unique opportunity to learn and appreciate the beauty of this art form.

After that, names like KAWASE HASUI, HIROSHI YOSIDA, OHARA KOSON, TAKAHASHI SHOTEI, TORII KOTONDO, NATORI SHUNSEN, and others will stay with you for ever!

Our most excellent, experienced and knowledgeable guide Mr Chris Uhlenbeck will give you an inspiring introduction to Shin hanga, whilst guiding us along these creations.

We have 15 places available.

This exhibition is made in collaboration with the East Asian Art Museum, Cologne and the Royal Museum of Art and History, Brussels.

Mr Chris Uhlenbeck