March 2020

Palmyra, Bride Of The Desert

Welcome to The Arts Society Tarporley
Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 13:30
The Community Centre
113a High St Tarporley CW6 0AY

** Programme change due to illness - please see event description for revised details**

05/03/2020 Unfortunately Dr Paul Roberts is unable to deliver the advertised lecture due to illness. Mr Tim Strickland has kindly agreed to give his own talk on Palmyra instead.

Palmyra, an ancient city in Syria, arose on a trade route that brought silk, spices and other luxuries across the desert from the east. Her people - wealthy, sophistcated and cosmopolitan - are preserved in their hauntingly beautiful grave portraits. Discover Palmyra's meteoric rise and its dramatic fall, its rediscovery by English lords and its desecration by Isis. There is however, hope that beautiful Palmyra will rise again.

Mr Tim Strickland